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Taking A Break: A Retrospective

I was going to title this post Not Giving A Fuck: A Retrospective, but that’s not quite accurate. As it turns out, it’s hard not to care. This post is also very personal, and I feel like it’s important to finally write. Not too recently I announced on Twitter that I was going on hiatus. […]

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Just going to leave this here…

With the recent renaming of the platform I feel inclined to say something, although I’m quite enjoying my “I don’t give a fuck” vacation. Feels great. I want to stay in “I don’t give a fuck” forever, but that’s not realistic. Thankfully the most excellent Joseph Labrecque wrote a post about it. It says everything. […]

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Electric Love Potato Playlist Player

So I’m here to make mention of my latest release: Electric Love Potato Playlist Player. You can download it from or Gamejolt: It’s available for MAC and Windows. It’s a small “take a break” project that I did (hoping to combat my current burnout and resulting depression). These things help. Just finish […]

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The (New) Tetrageddon Games “Art Direction” Commentary: Everything Looks Better Low-Fi!

I rarely ever do “art posts” where I explain the thought process behind the look of the game, so I thought it’s about time that I do something. A lot of planning goes into it, and I’m certain others will find the general philosophy interesting. This is about the new “desktop” version of Tetrageddon Games […]

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Update (my Fantastic Arcade post and stuff)…

So FROGGY (It’s Hungry!) was shown in the Fantastic Arcade “Spotlight” (those are the games on the computers). Here is some photographic proof: and even in the booklet! Frogs are awesome. I also gave a talk with Loren Schmidt (of Strawberry Cubes – it’s free. play it.). via Fantastic Arcade 2015 Day one recap, Photo […]

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Interview With Gerald, The Electric Love Potato

I would like to present to the world an interview with the potato-actor of the Electric Love Potato: Video Interview with the Electric Love Potato from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo. So… The other day I noticed my potato (Gerald) was getting a bit funky, it turned out she’s starting to get roots (not going bad, […]

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My Welded Metal Sculptures (from way back)

I used to weld a long time ago when I was living in Europe. It’s been on my mind lately to put together an image post with all the pictures of the sculptures (in one place). I miss welding a lot, almost as much as I miss my grandfather (he taught me, I’m so proud). […]

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Electric Love Potato (Desktop Assistant)… Potatoware

Think about it: Potatoware. Potato software. I feel like this is the beginning of something wonderful. Hopefully a trend. Thus my contribution to this (yet to happen) potatoware trend. I would like to unveil to the world Electric Love Potato! You can download it from Or GameJolt: What is Electric Love Potato […]

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Weird Alien Frogs – A Frog Generator (news and stuff…)

It’s been a while since my last update, and so much stuff has gotten done. For one, Tetrageddon Games made an appearance on Boing Boing’s Offworld, Cult of Mac has a nice little article about the project, and Leigh Alexander mentioned Monkey Fortunetell in her [really cool] article on digital divination: The divine witches of […]

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Monkey Fortunetell: New Game Release!

I’m delighted to announce that Monkey Fortunetell is not live. That’s the game I’ve been busy with. You can play it here: The [True] Story… This game came about after I, partytimeHXLNT, and a few others went to an arcade (during Fantastic Arcade). I almost didn’t have enough tickets (just a few short) to […]

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ARG Launch – Hack Deleted (The Dark Side Of Tetrageddon Games)

It seems that the 4th of July weekend is a fitting time to announce this, given the subject matter :)… I’ve just started developing an ARG (A.K.A. Alternate Reality Game) for Tetrageddon Games. It’s called Hack Deleted, and will be playable online (including on mobile devices), at Hack Deleted will be an extension to […]

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Tetrageddon Games – IndieCade Showcase @ E3

As things clear up, I’m finally able to set aside some time for this amazing announcement… Tetrageddon Games has been selected to be part of the IndieCade Showcase at E3! Thanks to IndieCade for this amazing opportunity, I will be attending E3! I was blown away by the news because it’s been a long time […]

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Tetrageddon Games – Offender On Google Play & More!

It’s been a while since I made any announcements/updates, and definitely overdue! First of all Offender is now available, for your Android devices, on Google Play! It has a whopping five stars (for now)! That means it’s probably a really good game, and you should go download it. Offender brings those nostalgic 8-bit arcade days […]

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New Tetrageddon Games App Store Release: Haxatron 2000

Yesterday Haxatron 2000 was approved for the App Store. It’s FREE, and you can download it here. Visit the new website here. I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issues with the description I provided for it (a bit ARG/in character), and there wasn’t! So I was able to make the website I wanted to […]

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New Stuff & Website Developments (Tetrageddon Games)

To begin, here’s an awesome announcement… ALL of Tetrageddon Games AppStore games will be FREE over this Valentines Day weekend! That’s FREE this 14th – 17th. Store link: Happy Valentines Day everyone! Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest… While working on porting my next game (The Big Gib) to iOS things can […]

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They Came From My Inbox On The App Store! (And A Brief Tetrageddon Games Update)

Recently my game They Came From My Inbox was approved and added to the App Store. I’m also pleased to announce that it was not rejected once! For any Reason! Which is an amazing relief because I was expecting the theme to conflict with something legal… Consequently, it is safe to say that more internet […]

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The Rainbow Instruments (Illustration)

My newest illustration added to the art shop is The Rainbow Sax. I adore how it turned out, so I want to show it off here as well! :) It got me thinking that it would be awesome if I did a series like this with various instruments (Update: I’m doing a series)… Well… if […]

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Tetrageddon Games – Merchandise & Update

As per the previous post, I had worked on creating merchandise for ALL my games (which turned into quite the endeavor). A couple Offender 2 mugs came in today, and the quality was beautiful. Definitely worth it! I wanted to post pictures of the finished product for quite a while. I think the designs turned […]

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Tetrageddon Games Art Prints & Merchandise

I finished designing merchandise for ALL the games from Tetrageddon Games. There was so much to choose from. I’m impressed. These are very graphically loaded games. The designs are available in my society6 shop. There is much more in the store, so do check it out! You can buy them on a variety of products […]

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Tetrageddon Games Relaunch

The website for Tetrageddon Games has been relaunched. LINK: The endeavor began with making a mobile compatible site. I’ve tried a number of approaches to it, and wasn’t happy with how it was turning out, until I decided to give Edge Animate a shot. I’ve fallen in love with the program since. It’s simply […]

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