My Welded Metal Sculptures (from way back)

I used to weld a long time ago when I was living in Europe. It’s been on my mind lately to put together an image post with all the pictures of the sculptures (in one place).
I miss welding a lot, almost as much as I miss my grandfather (he taught me, I’m so proud). :D

Ok, here’s pictures of me doing the thing (sculptures are bellow):

And here’s a gif…

As you can see it’s very bright. If you look at the light (without protection) it will burn off the surface skin of your eyes (if you’re that close) — sorry I don’t remember what it’s called, but can totally attest that it’s true. You go for weeks feeling like you have sand in your eyes.
Wow! All the stories are coming back to me now. lol, when I started out I didn’t have the right gear so I would do it without the face mask (just protective googles, which don’t do much). It’s very hard, and you burn your eyes. There was this one time– Ok… I should stop, but I find these all very interesting stories to tell around drinks. This is why I don’t get out much…
Here are the pictures…

Note, please excuse the lighting/strange angles on some of these. I was being artsy. :3

A lot of these where candle holders because I loved what you could do with light (shadows). So there’s room to put a candle in it, and (in a dark room) the place lights up with all these strange weird shadows.

I did a few flowers because I liked the idea of some violent process, with lots of pounding, and fire, and melted metal, ends up making something so pretty like a flower. I don’t know… The process had a sort of “poetic allure”. Ok, then…

You can see all my work in its VERY OLD website here: It’s also sort of artsy. Navigation is hidden on the sides and you move mouse to scroll/activate areas of the screen.

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