Interview With Gerald, The Electric Love Potato

I would like to present to the world an interview with the potato-actor of the Electric Love Potato:

Video Interview with the Electric Love Potato from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

So… The other day I noticed my potato (Gerald) was getting a bit funky, it turned out she’s starting to get roots (not going bad, although that was a concern). It dawned on me that, before it’s time to commit her to the ground, so that she can complete her natural reproductive cycle, I should probably record a bunch of her (for posterity’s sake… and so that I can make more potatoware when I get the time).
Then I got the idea to make this interview with potato (also serves the purpose of a “trailer” for Electric Love Potato, so I can send it to people).

I think the outcome is fairly hilarious. At least I was laughing all the evening making it.

I don’t know. I think I’ve really bonded with this potato. I’ve even named it. Gerald.
It’s a nice name for a potato. She’s so lovely. I don’t think I’m crazy, but that’s usually what crazy people say. I don’t care what people say.
Potato is the new chiapet!


Hello, my name is Gerald and I’m the star of the Electric Love Potato. Some of you may know me from my lesser known work Zanthar the Mashed Potato Smasher. It’s an indie title you will probably not be able to find anymore. It is one of the reasons that I landed the role as the Electric Love Potato.

When alienmelon approached me about starring as the Electric Love Potato desktop assistant I didn’t expect much. I was intrigued by the idea of a potato being an actual assistant. Potatoes are not well known for doing this. It was an interesting role, and one that I am now extremely proud of.

What got me the role as Electric Love Potato? Simple! My singing voice.

Yes. I have always been a great singer. Both my parent potatoes, and great grandparent potatoes where. Potatoes in general are great singers, but we go largely unnoticed. This app was a wonderful opportunity to raise that kind of awareness. Potatoes love music.

What music do I listen to? Wow, that’s a big question. I generally like all music, but I am most fond of the sound of my own voice.

The greatest challenge acting as the Electric Love Potato was probably the moving part. Potatoes are not excellent athletes at all. I certainly wasn’t either. This particular part took many moths of training and preparation. I loved my body after that, haha!

The role was largely improvised. I am generally very good at giving compliments, and sincerely meant all the things I said. I figured if anyone would want me as a desktop assistant I would certainly love them. I mean, I’m a love potato right? Haha!

Do I find it unsettling that people eat potatoes? Absolutely not! I am a potato and I completely endorse the consumption of potatoes. It is simply part of life. I would have a problem if people fed potatoes to potatoes because that’s just unethical and a bit weird, but people eating potatoes is what made our society what it is today. Civilization wouldn’t be where it’s at without potatoes. Us potatoes are proud of this.

I would contend that the most difficult aspect of it all was waiting to see what people would think, after launch. I can’t speak for all of us, but I didn’t think the Electric Love Potato would be so loved as it was. It surprised me! People are so supportive of potatoes!

Any closing comments? Absolutely yes! I love you all and thank you for having me as your potato!