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Nathalie Lawhead is a non-binary net-artist, software creator, and game designer. They are known for experimental art that challenges the way we live and work in our digital era. Their art exists in the controversial intersection between art and games.
Nathalie’s work is featured in places like the Rhizome ArtBase, and in the video game collection of the Museum of Modern Art.
They have won a number of awards and acclaim for their work.
You can read more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathalie_Lawhead

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The Nathalie.

Press, Showcases & Exhibits:

Note: The following is very old and outdated. I don’t get much time to update this anymore. Things keep happening (and I’m so happy they are), but in no particular order…

ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games) was selected as an IndieCade 2016 Nominee!

ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games) is included in the XOXO Arcade lineup!

More about that here: Announcing XOXO Arcade

And also in Fantastic Arcade’s lineup!

Along with a new game of mine that is being debuted there.

“Award-winning anarchist prankster Lawhead returns to the fest to premiere a new title. Her previous games have included post-apocalyptic frogs, copious explosions, and no shortage of gyrating pixels.”

via: Fantastic Arcade Announces 2016 LineupInteractive arm of Fantastic Fest probes video games’ outer limits

GameJolt (fireside) has a two part interview with me. Animated .gifs and all! If you feel like getting to know me & my current work, it’s pretty thorough:
Part 1
Part 2

Tetrageddon Games WON was nominated as an IGF finalist, for the Nuovo Award (recognizing excellence in shorter-form, more esoteric games– abstract… and unconventional game development). Which is AMAZING. More commentary here.

* Pictures of the event here.
* Video of the awards is here, where you can see my completely unprepared acceptance speech.

The Setup has an interview with me here. They have interviewed some great people in the past and it’s an honor to be included!

Tetrageddon Games was included in Arcade Review #6 as part of a wonderful article written by Ansh Patel discussing net art.

Tetrageddon Games was part of the official selection for Out Of Index 2015! This was pretty amazing and I’m so honored to be included among such a great lineup… I say that a lot. :)

I gave a talk with Loren Schmidt at this last Fantastic Arcade (2015).

via Fantastic Arcade 2015 Day one recap, Photo by Emi Spicer
I discuss FROGS, and Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs, you can see it here (I talk in the second half):
FROGGY was included in Fantastic Arcade’s spotlight selection.

I’m in a video for the Austin Chronicle – VIDEO: Fantastic Arcade Wrap Up We chat up the weird wonderful gaming fringe with help from the Daily Dot, with other totally amazing game developers.

Have made some recent appearances in press, like Cult of Mac:
Indie dev parodies internet life for fun and profit, askmen list of Rising Stars 2015, and a few times in Boing Boing’s Offworld: Fall in love with one special freeware arcade… Also in Rock Paper Shotgun… which is really cool because I like Alice O’Connor and Leigh Alexander and then they wrote about me and I’m like “whoa…” :)

Monkey Fortunetell (a game I co-created with Rachel Simone Weil) was showcased at the Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA).
It was also included in FILE Festival Media Art selection.

Tetrageddon Games was showcased in the Game Tasting event at IndieXChange (IndieCade) 2014. So much positive feedback, and lovely people! Thank you!

I was on Who’s Developing Now!? With Legendary Neurotoxin talking about Tetrageddon Games. It was recorded and posted. For those interested you can see it here.

DVLZ Game Best of E3 2014, Nominee Best Indie Game (Tetrageddon Games)

Tetrageddon Games is in Print Magazine’s June 2014 “The Innovation Issue”, as part of a wonderful article by Jason Tselentis about how 1980s aesthetics has influenced contemporary design (download the article here).

Tetrageddon is my general summary of computer pop culture. The Blue Screen of Death is to me what Marilyn Monroe was to Warhol.

Tetrageddon Games has been selected to be presented in FILE Media Art, part of FILE 2014 – Electronic Language International Festival. Click here.

Communication Arts Interactive Annual 19
Online version available here.

“The best art not only creates something new to provoke emotions, but also makes references to past art and culture. This site is provocative and modern and full of references in style and content to old video games, Internet memes, digital pop culture and more. It is one of the most interesting pieces of interactive art I’ve seen.” – Sophie Henry

“Natalie Lawhead, the creative genius behind Tetrageddon Games, reveals how her one-man show is about the experimental, with a strong empahsis on the mental.”

Tetrageddon Games: From concept to launch

“There’s a lot of untapped power in the internet as a medium for creating games, entertainment, and art that’s an entirely different mind blowing genre. When new themes like ARGs, or games-as-art, surface it inspires me to know that we’re only at the beginning of inventing variations of art, and entertainment, that are so radically different it sets a new standard for what can be done.”

The Internet As A Game Mechanic – Click here to read.

“The dot-com boom had a strong influence on what I wanted to do with my life.
The internet has been a very life changing evolutionary leap in human consciousness (I believe), and I had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand. I’ve been into IT ever since I can remember.”

FWA Interview – Click here to read.

Web Designer Issue 201 : Design Diary

“- Design Diary: Riding the development lifecycle with the unmistakeable talents of Natalie Lawhead and the unstoppable Tetrageddon Games.”

Design Licks Web Award

Festival Du Nouveau Cinema 2012

Co-author of New Master’s of Flash Vol. 3 (the last book in the groundbreaking series which celebrates innovators in the interactive platform).
New Masters of Flash Vol. 3 by Friends of Ed

New Masters of Flash Vol. 3

Gallery feature, then the gallery curator for a while.

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil
And FILE Rio 2006

FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 26th May 2012 (Tetrageddon)

Page Crush – Inspirational Design Hub

GetUnderground (Now Kotori Magazine)
(Featured Underground Poet for BlueSuburbia)

Friends Of Ed
“Featured Site of the Week” for a couple sites

Net Diver
A Powagirrrl! and also Flashware

Flash Forward Seatle 2006
Flash Forward NY 2003

ja rly

lol srsly

OFFF 2003 – OFFF 03 – Who is Your Superhero?


the alt tag says nothing

Picture credit to We Are Müesli

Following are some articles written about Tetrageddon Games, as well as interviews on it…

E3 – Tetrageddon Hands-On Preview, on Twinfinite

Tetrageddon is certainly one of the most interesting and unique titles I have seen at E3, and I wish the developer the best of luck in the festival and look forward to where they take their ideas.

Tucked into a corner at E3 was a messy, brilliant satire of online culture by Kyle from Killscreen.

Her insistence here is passionate: despite the absurdity of her project she sees it more as a platform than something to ever be “done.” Theoretically the Tetrageddon arcade could encompass the complete range of digital/human interaction: A game for what it’s like browsing news sites, updating a profile, watching a YouTube video, and so on. The internet, as we know, is bottomless.

Nintendo cree que 2014 es un punto de inflexión para Wii U

Indicade Showcases Some Truly Brilliant And Truly Strange Indie Talent at E3, via 8cn.

This game deserves a special mention because of the obvious amounts of crack it inhaled before even deciding to become a game. – 8cn

Indiecade at E3 2014 on New Game Plus

Tetrageddon is a collection of nine minigames, but it’s really more a cohesive peek into a perfect display of absurdism. More accurately, it’s a brilliant estimation of what would it be like if you soaked up the Internet into a sponge, squeezed it out over cheesecloth, and took what fell through and put it into a game.

E3 2014 | IndieCade Booth Gives A Taste Of What’s To Come This Autumn

The weirdest game I came across was one called Tetrageddon Games, a series of mini-games that were beyond the strangest of the bunch.

Tetrageddon Games was presented at The MIX 5 LA 2014. Click here for the page.

Tetrageddon Games was showcased at E3 2014 as part of the IndieCade selection. See the page here.

Tetrageddon Games was Mentioned in c’t magazin (heise online)- c’t zockt: Spieletipps (Episode 55)

Tetrageddon Games’s Offender 2 was showcased as part of the Bonus Game selection in Fantastic Arcade alongside other amazing titles such as Burrito Galaxy, Glitch Hikers, and Life On A Mountain. The festival was amazing, with lots of inspiring content.

FROGGY (It’s Hungry), a game that is part of the Tetrageddon Games project, was posted on Rock Paper Shotgun! Read it here.

Froggy is a fizzing little curio that’s more Superhot than Frogger, a weird and wonderful free game with charm gushing out its cloaca.

Fellow indie (@haplessninny) shared this on Twitter, and it reminds me of how much I love/miss the IndieCade crowd!
From indieXchange when I was demoing Tetrageddon Games.