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My Welded Metal Sculptures (from way back)

I used to weld a long time ago when I was living in Europe. It’s been on my mind lately to put together an image post with all the pictures of the sculptures (in one place). I miss welding a lot, almost as much as I miss my grandfather (he taught me, I’m so proud). […]

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Jože Volaric’s Sculpture Garden

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The Downtown Chicago Photodump

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Pictures Of Birds

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Half Past Midnight Haiku

Half Past Midnight Haiku

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UCI Swamp Photodump

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Old Town Tustin & Farmers Market Photodump

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The Vancouver Photodump

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California Burning – The Santiago Fire Photo-Dump

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Newport Beach Photodump

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Updates, stencils, and a squirrel

Aside from getting into Flex (which is awesome to say the least) I Just posted (well not “just” since it’s been a couple weeks now…) the most recent update to BlueSuburbia— the “stairway” scene. Based around the imagery of spiders and broken glass (as in broken glass being a spider’s web). This time poems are […]

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Back to Cali

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Skofja Loka

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Sheeps, trees, and… vadbisce?

Ministry of Defence training ground, Field of Corn, Pass through at your own risk...

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It’s August…

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