It’s August…

And there’s sun outside. I like sun. It’s… bright… and stuff… jej.


Through a complex medical procedure I managed to ply myself from my reality that is the computer world and step outside. Into surreality… with my camera.

In no particular order – photos of Slovenia…

(Update: I’ve uploaded high-res versions here. They’re free to use as long as you give me credit.)

Oh yeah. Here’s a link dump to various photography related findings:
Scenes of Kyoto
Photography, audio commentary, text… basically interactive essays. Powerful.
Flikr photo set of a pile of discarded glamor shots found in a Venice alleyway.
A collection of unique photographs taken by an amateur photographer at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo.
Absolutely beautiful and surreal.
Look at me: A collection of found photo’s.
Beautiful China
Using waterpipes to create colossal ice structures.
By Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs.
New York Night Life. Photogalery dedicated to them crazy New Yorkers.
A gallery of pictures taken every 10 seconds while traveling accross the US in seven days.
Eastern European Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s. Ostmoderne shows buildings from the post-war socialist era still largely unknown in the west and widely regarded as unwanted relics from the past in the east after 1989.
Very interesting. Very much worth checking out.
Best of flickr
More flickr fun

And finally…

My currently favorite self-invented-Martini-long-drink-whatever recipe is…

In a cobbler shaker combine:

1 cap of Vodka
1 dash of condensed Black Currant juice (like Sunquick)
3 dashes of Cinnamon
Fill the rest with Vermouth Rosso (preferably Cinzano)

Shake for 1 minute.

Strain into an ingestion device of your choice, with shit-loads of ice, and garnish with half a Plum.

Get happy.