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About desktop pets & virtual companions: discussing the inhabitants that fill the void of our digital spaces

Here is a hugely passionate area of creative interest to me: desktop pets, screenmates, screen buddies, desktop buddies, desktop mascots, screen crawlers, virtual pets, virtual companions, screen wanderers, digital pets… (those are all the things they are called, ur welcome!) I love designing them and think they are intrinsically fascinating. I make maybe one a […]

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What it’s like sharing your #metoo with Kotaku (a cautionary tale)

Recently on Twitter I started talking about this now that some time has passed & i had time to process,i have a few things to share… this is advice & warnings to others that may have to call-out someone "famous" for sexual assault,if you have a friend going through this, please use this to help […]

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Comments on today’s announcement (Flash)

After today’s news, and because I will probably be getting junk directed at me, I’m writing this to explain what this means for my work, and what I will be doing… First of all, if you want to read more about what this means for AIR (the runtime teams have given their commitment to keep […]

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“Everything is going to be OK” early access

My new not-a-game game experimental art experience “Everything is going to be OK” was showcasing at IndieCade E3 this week! This was an amazing privilege, and the other indies in the showcase also had amazing games. The overall feedback was encouraging. So many people commented that they had never seen anything like it. This was […]

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Game design notes: “Everything is going to be OK” (talking about personal things/experiences is easy, making a game about them is not)

As I develop I take lots of notes. I figure I’m due another blog post, so I’m sharing some thoughts I’ve had while making “Everything is going to be OK”… also that’s the official title now. It was a placeholder, and now it’s stuck, and everyone knows it by that so… I’m ok with that. […]

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Everything Is Going To Be OK (Progress Update #6 & Artist’s Statement)

I’m creeping up to 15 mini-games done. There is good variety! I’m so happy. Some interesting developments on direction… Once I reach 20 I’m going to hide the 20 (or so) other mini-games inside these games. So you are presented with these “pages” and then discover that the “pages” have lots of depth to them. […]

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thoughts today

I feel like I need to say something. If not to share opinion, then just to get this off my chest… This post is for my own sake. Maybe just for the sake of someday having something to look back at, and be happy that it’s over. I don’t know. Maybe one day I will […]

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A summary of my Fantastic Arcade week

This week I had the amazing opportunity to attend Fantastic Arcade. Two of my games where there this time. It continues to stay my favorite game event. For one, there is more booze there than your liver knows what to do with, and the people are so beautiful. I loved being able to meet the […]

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Launching Soon! (and a rant about stuff)

Update: Because GameJolt is going to launch their marketplace soon (I’m told about 2-3 weeks) I’m going to wait for them so I can launch there too. GameJolt has been tremendous for my games (encouraging, supportive, and all the warm-n-fuzzy stuff like that) so being able to launch with them gives me happy feels. …So […]

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GameJolt Interview & Stuff…

Ok, so… some really cool news! Some time ago indiegamehunt approached me and asked if I was cool with doing an email interview. Today it went up on GameJolt. Animated .gifs and all. Here: An Interview with Nathalie Lawhead This is so cool! (also because I’m a fan of gamejolt, so you can imagine I […]

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The (New) Tetrageddon Games “Art Direction” Commentary: Everything Looks Better Low-Fi!

I rarely ever do “art posts” where I explain the thought process behind the look of the game, so I thought it’s about time that I do something. A lot of planning goes into it, and I’m certain others will find the general philosophy interesting. This is about the new “desktop” version of Tetrageddon Games […]

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Holding Out & Thoughts About That Internet Niche ;)

It’s no secret if you know me. I have made the web my life. When I first started “web development/design” there was no name for it, UX was a non existent concept, and this wasn’t being taught at colleges. I remember my teachers ALL (no exception) telling me to stay away from the internet because […]

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My Commentary on the Current Web Debacle (why Flash is more relevant today than ever before)

I will start by quoting a couple of articles, and then share my views. Java and Flash both vulnerable—again—to new 0-day attacks “There’s no indication that either of the newly discovered Flash vulnerabilities are being actively exploited…” I point out that Java has also been exploited, and this is active: Cyberespionage group Pawn Storm uses […]

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Monkey Fortunetell on Google Play (Free for Android) – Or How The Humans Won Their First Victory Over Skynet

Last night in the AM’s Monkey Fortunetell was finally published to Google Play. The game is FREE. LINK: As a side note, I only tested this on my Nexus, and now received some feedback that it’s laggy on some devices so updates will be on their way soon. The Story If you follow me […]

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A Rant About That Internet Groupthink Thing (Harassment Lately)…

Warning: Views are my own and not yours. :) I read through comments for pretty much anything. Especially if it’s for something I consider a “social issue”. I know it’s a bad habit, and can get depressing, but once I got past the initial shock (which still happens) I started treating it as more of […]

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Jože Volaric’s Sculpture Garden

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San Marcos Date Farm – New Crop Is In!

I’m a date nut (almost a pun), and have been into dates since I started researching their amazing health and nutritional benefits. For example, they have a higher potasium content than bananas. Also, while we’re at it, read the biochemical function (Potassium). To me dates have become the kind of fruit you can almost worship […]

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Art From Way Back #2

Returning from a trip some of my old artwork (from way back) was brought back from Europe. Which is a pleasant blessing since I thought I’d lost it. I finally took the time to photograph it all. These range from quick sketches, to more elaborate studies of scenes, still lifes, portraits, etc… using various mediums. […]

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Video Interviews & Social Commentaries

Parents (or your immediate elder) are often the most fascinating people to talk to. They have a wealth of life experiences, stories, or other philosophies, that they love sharing, telling then re-telling. Last year I started video interviewing Mr. Lawhead. As is the case with dads, the topics range from business strategies, politics, to economy. […]

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Epic Weird Sci-Fi Scenario #5: Tell Me Why, Robot Girls Don’t Ever Cry

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