Updates, stencils, and a squirrel

Aside from getting into Flex (which is awesome to say the least) I Just posted (well not “just” since it’s been a couple weeks now…) the most recent update to BlueSuburbia— the “stairway” scene.

BlueSuburbia stairway

Based around the imagery of spiders and broken glass (as in broken glass being a spider’s web). This time poems are presented in fragments and impressions, that take form in “pieces” found by navigating about the area.

I feed the machine because the machine feeds me.

A few excerpts:

“At the bottom of the bottomless pit
Eyes of a homeless man
If there is a god surely he knows no love!”

“That story i know to well
Spare me the grief of telling it again
being without
nonexistent rot
fruitless pointless choiceless struggle
overwhelmed by worthlessness
oh… god
there is no hell to rival this”

what is pain?
No longer bearing a consequence
it too will end
like everything else”
so i wait

Until I no longer breathe”

“oh god, do you hear me now?
how i wish to hurt you back!
Feel the pain of the poor
the helpless
are you there?
mere fancy?
don’t deny me blame!”

“i feed the machine because the machine feeds me”


The poetry in itself acts much like a train of thought, one dis-associated musing leading to another accompanied by vague images lost in a space of blinding light. In general it’s made to bear resemblance to “memories”.

The majority of the voices and sounds have been generated via synthesis — hardly anything is real, only a handful of effects have been sampled. Much like the imagery the audio acts randomly, playing at random pitches/intervals/levels to create a seamless and non-repetitive soundtrack.
The environment adjusts to the users choices. The more you explore the more spiders appear slowly infesting the scene. Other, larger parts, of the scene permanently change according to your choices.
Aside from the gratuitous use of bitmapfilters, the greater part of animations have been scripted, if not then they are rotoscoped using various archived footage. Its all very intricate.

At any rate…

3D penis

I’ve also been making sad clothes crazy (via stencils).
A few pieces:


There’s a squirrel outside that often comes and watches. He won’t go away.


Other than that the Irvine area is a very pleasant place to live. They’re all over “green-power” and alternative living… at least that’s the case in the area near the John Wayne Airport and cubicle farms. I missed the palm trees.

A plane over the John Wayne Airport, where they teach flying.
Most of the people taking classess there are bored developers.

A high school surrounded by insanely high gates. It’s a “nice” school, meaning the gates aren’t doubled.

Stickers on a post in the Costco parking lot.
Vandalism in the area is near to none so its a rare sight to see, at least rarer in contrast to LA.
A kid vandalizing a wall (graffitti) was just recently shot to death by an officer.

Gas lines.
Costco offers the best prices of gasoline to their members, so the place is usualy packed by cars waiting in line.

If you switch it the emergency shuts off.

Trippy drug view!

The malls are unbelievably huge, literally the size of a small town in Europe, and packed with shopers
that come from arround the world to blow their $’s.

A parking lot outside of Ralphs. Most of the strip-malls tout an American flag.

The UC Irvine natural reserve surrounded by the growing buisness complex. Every possible company
(primarily IT and computer) have an office here (Google to mention one).
Construction is constantly taking place, giving way to higher and more elaborate sky-scrapers.
There is some dispute with the union workers and the Irvine Company, although I don’t know the details.

A tree that does not take well to being hugged.

The swamp.

The outskirts of the wildlife reserve, marked with a Trail sign.

A skyscraper in the making.

The arcitecture to many of the buildings is unbelievable. The pictures do them no justice.

The back of a Hilton hotel situated next to the airport.

The Arboretum. At certain times of the year the fog is so thick driving through it is a literal imposibility,
let alone a hazard. It also boasts the most car accidents. There’s some urban legend floating arround that
some freak ghost woman dressed in white causes the accidents. A “If you see her you will die” kinda thing.

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