Revver Editors Pick

I just got news that “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again” has made it into the Revver Editors Picks… which is purely awesome.

I owe it all to Tanja (The Awesome One(TM)) for uploading it. I made the animation way back in 1999 in Flash 4, so its eight years old. It was my first Flash animation.

On a semi-related note VitalMedia recently requested three animated sequences for their three community site’s (VitalBMX, VitalMX, and VitalSkate) video end. They’re kinda like a MySpace/YouTube for extreme sports. Their sites are definitely worth a visit. Some of the footage there is insane.
…and painful.
(Click the images to view the animations.)

Massive video driven community sites aside, I’ve recently been commissioned by DJLawhead to make a (very accurate and unbiased) South Park depiction of him for Earthbound Media. A design house located in OC. All their employees are turned into South Park caricatures.

Click the image to play.

…and get the screensaver.

Ok, random link dump.

A web based tool to size an image / series of images to any aspect ratio.

Freelance 101

Monster shoe!

bad ass origami
sweet looking flash game

Sketch fighter (game)

vinyl toys

Your IP on the map

Downloadable cult games
Surfing mice
…and the photogallery.

Online favicon editor

A copenhagen based illustrator
Pixels + Flash

Oppen source pixel editor!

Gallery of machbox labels
Gallery of fabric prints
Really invaluable resource. Color Codes Matching Chart (Pantone, CMYK, RGB Hex)
Cardboard art
“Album Covers Galore”
Popular album covers animated into a short

A rabbit with various pastries on its head!
One week of art. –Really fascinating to watch.

And this. –fascinating as well
“Stories behind the photographs, the emotions drawn with colors…”
Really vivid photography
Design blog.

*eats arm

doctorshim: The removal of your limb was unwarranted.


Smeagul: *eats toes


doctorshim: That as well.