Skofja Loka

Taking a bike trip all the way from Kranj to Skofija Loco… Loka was a sensational experience! …To say the least …and a bit of a safety hazard as pedestrians and bicyclists seem to fall under the category of legal-roadkill in Slovenia. But I took the back road, for most of the ride, so the only threat to my life came primarily from tractors and cows… stupid cows. The back roads are dotted with farms, and old (when I say old I’m talking shithot-old) run-down farm houses… like, with those funky pumping wells, n’ stuff. But most of those old-European-architecture houses have (sadly) been abandoned, or put to use as barns, in replacement for the more modern houses. Which is unfortunate. I know a lot of people that would kill a lot of other people to own a place like that. Hell, some people have that shit imported to LA and incorporated into their fancy mansions… Funny, Your culture for ours. They say the city (Skofja Loka) is about 2000 years old. Damn.

Ok! Pictures of Skofja Loco:
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A shithot-old church somewhere along the way. There was an old man trimming the grass around it. He said it was 800 years old. He found it strange that someone would find it “beautiful”. A lot of people here react that way. I guess they take the country for granted. Some of them are even puzzled as to why I would be here instead of LA because there’s nothing but “cows and fields in Slovenia”. I think that kind of attitude is what leads to the enormous amount of vandalism here. You find super old Doric columns and churches sprayed with “Tupac 4 life” and “LA niggaz” (which is funny because the kids that write that are as black as cave salamanders).

Slovenian farms, farm houses, and barns…

Stupid cows.

Stupider cows.

I was told that Skofja Loka underwent major renovation some years ago. The entire city was litteraly “made new”. Although still very beautiful I was shocked at how decayed, run-down, and increadibly vandalized it looked. Popular band names where scribbled on hundred year old doors, windows where broken and most shops had bars on them. Someone that owns a shop there said that store windows have to have bars on them because they will get broken into, or just broken for the fun of it. It’s strange. Vandalization by puberty-goaded teens in Kranj is a major problem too. A bunch of parents we talked to said that they’re “glad” their kids can come to the city because the neighborhoods are more peaceful.

(Two burnt and broken buildings in Kranj.)

A memorial to “The Plague”.

Well… I’m almost a bit sorry about leaving Slovenia, but considering another looooooooong coooooooooold winter… I’ll reeeeeealy enjoy California. Part of the team is going to go there to give a tactical status report. The rest of the group will invade shortly thereafter to touch base with the freelance market. Not saying we won’t be in Slovo anymore, we’ll be returning for the Summers and/or European freelance gigs and here’s a completely unrelated link dump:

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