Sheeps, trees, and… vadbisce?

(Update: I’ve uploaded high-res versions for download here. They’re free to use as long as you give credit.)

Ministry of Defence training ground, Field of Corn, Pass through at your own risk...
“Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Defence Slovenian army training ground
Field of Kranj
Pass through and loiter at your own risk”

Not that I understood what it meant at the time… or… noticed the bullet like holes in it. I was taking a walk nowhere in particular when suddenly all these signs started popping up. It’s a humorous contrast to what you find in LA since there where no fences tangled in razor wire, no man eating dogs, no mines, snipers, or other elaborately devised obstacles that might hinder trespassers from trespassing the untressable… just… trees and corn. Slovenia is an absolutely beautiful country (as long as you avoid its inhabitants), and ideal for “getting-away”, since it seems to be indistinguishable from Slovakia… like when people want to visit they ask how much tickets to Bratislava cost.

Ok, so here’s another slew of pics from where I currently live the most.
I determined that, before we get wet feet and move somewhere else (like Tajikistan or rural South Pole), I’ll photograph as much as possible.

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