The Rainbow Instruments (Illustration)

My newest illustration added to the art shop is The Rainbow Sax. I adore how it turned out, so I want to show it off here as well! :) It got me thinking that it would be awesome if I did a series like this with various instruments (Update: I’m doing a series)…
Well… if you like it, click here to visit the shop (and buy it)!

Update: I’m making a series of instrument in the style. Here’s the rainbow violin.
Buy the print here.

Rainbow trumpet. Click here to buy the print.

Rainbow guitar. Click here to buy the print.

And finally, the Rainbow Clarinet. Click here to buy the print.

I’ve been treating myself to making these as a job-well-done to take breaks from work. I’m thinking of another set now. Maybe abstract butterfly wings, but I don’t know. That may be too “girly”…
I’m definitely hooked! :)

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