Tetrageddon Games Art Prints & Merchandise

I finished designing merchandise for ALL the games from Tetrageddon Games. There was so much to choose from. I’m impressed. These are very graphically loaded games.
The designs are available in my society6 shop. There is much more in the store, so do check it out!
You can buy them on a variety of products (shirts, hoodies, mugs, skins and cases, etc…) so I designed a custom variation for each. It was a bit of work, but definitely worth it.

All the designs are also available for download (high quality .jpg’s and .png’s) here: http://nathalielawhead.com/press/ArtPrints/

This is a good start, and I’ll be adding more as I think of things… or as requests come in.

The Big Gib – SpaceCom: Chapter 1:

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/The-Big-Gib-SpaceCom-Chapter-1_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/The-Big-Gib-SpaceCom-Chapter-1-Game-Art_Print

They Came From My Inbox

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/You-Got-Game-They-Came-From-My-Inbox_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/SpammerTM-They-Came-From-My-Inbox_Print

Offender 2 (World War B: War On Rabbits):
Which also has it’s own website, and merchandise page, here.

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Offender-2-World-War-B-War-On-Rabbits-The-Three-Hares_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Offender-2-World-War-B-War-On-Rabbits-In-Game-Art_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Offender-2-World-War-B-War-On-Rabbits-Meanwhile-Somewhere-Totally-Else_Print

Tetrageddon (Tetris For Us FPS Gamers):

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Tetrageddon-Tetris-For-Us-FPS-Gamers_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Tetrageddon_Print

Haxed By Megahurtz:

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Haxed-by-Megahurtz-Hax-Girl_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Bump-To-The-Beat-That-Moves-Your-Meat_Print


There is also much more in the store. Like the L4D pop art!
Drop by! http://society6.com/alienmelon/

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Left-4-Dead-Pop-Art-Survivors-Are-Insensitive-Clods_Print

Store Link: http://society6.com/alienmelon/Left-4-Dead-Pop-Art-Boomer_Print

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