Tetrageddon Games – Offender On Google Play & More!

It’s been a while since I made any announcements/updates, and definitely overdue!

First of all Offender is now available, for your Android devices, on Google Play!
It has a whopping five stars (for now)!

That means it’s probably a really good game, and you should go download it.

Offender brings those nostalgic 8-bit arcade days to your handheld with a humorous spin.
Abduct as many “lagomorphic humanoids” as possible, whilst dodging enemy ships.
You must survive by relying on quick reflexes because, much like old school arcade games, one mistake means game over.
Intuitive, fluent, and retro, your touchscreen will challenge you like it’s the 1980’s!

Offender is the first Google Play release.
All the other Tetrageddon Games will be available there soon.

Also… It’s been out for a while now, but I never announced it here.
Tetrageddon (Xtreme Polyominoes – Armageddon Edition) — that “Bloodsport Tetris game” is available for your iPhone, and iPad in the AppStore. It’s also FREE.
Because you can’t say “tetris” in the AppStore, I settled for this name. I can see a Math teacher somewhere laughing at that.
DOWNLOAD Tetrageddon (Xtreme Polyominoes – Armageddon Edition) HERE!

Tetrominoes and pentominoes combine to create Tetrageddon (Xtreme Polyominoes – Armageddon Edition), the ultimate blockstacking experience.
Those with ADD, and a reaction time equally as short as their attention span, will come to appreciate the epic awesomeness of mixing pedestrian traffic with raining debris. Tetrageddon is just that!

Play the malicious little green blob, Minibyte, who decided to hijack a planet sized crane one sunny day, and unleash armageddon by dropping garbage of epic proportions upon an unsuspecting city.
The goal is to squish as many lo-fi inhabitants as possible, while arranging the tetrominoe shaped trash into manageable rows, but be careful! The pentominoe surprise blocks will keep you on your toes. Think fast!
If careful attention is not payed, the pedestrians will dig a tunnel through your craftily devised stack of junk in order to go about their daily business. This must be stopped once and for all…
Humans are evil. You are an alien. Unleash armageddon!

And in other totally awesome news…
Tetrageddon Games is in Print Magazine’s June 2014 “The Innovation Issue”, as part of a wonderful article by Jason Tselentis about how 1980s aesthetics has influenced contemporary design.

The article is great food for thought (as well as the rest of the magazine being inspirational). Worth checking out, so buy it here: Print Magazine June 2014 Digital Download, or you can download just the article, A Flock Of Pixels, here.

I’m also excited to announce that Tetrageddon Games has been selected to be presented in FILE Media Art, which will be part of FILE 2014 – Electronic Language International Festival.
The exhibition will be held from August 25 to October 05, 2014, and it will take place at FIESP Cultural Center – Ruth Cardoso, located at Paulista Avenue, 1313, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In terms of direction for Tetrageddon Games
I want to continue adding tutorials for each game, as I want the site to also be a learning resource (take it even more in that direction). I think it’s great that everything is open source, so presenting that content in a “technically educational” format seems to be the next obvious move.
After I finish making all games available on Google Play I will be working on the next release which will be in 3D. I have not yet decided if I want this to be HTML5 or Flash, but I think it will probably end up being both… Because I can’t decide. They’re both so cool.
The future is 3D!

…Then, at some point, I’m going to make a really bad first person shooter with a shotgun that shoots blood. :p