New Stuff & Website Developments (Tetrageddon Games)

To begin, here’s an awesome announcement… ALL of Tetrageddon Games AppStore games will be FREE over this Valentines Day weekend!
That’s FREE this 14th – 17th.
Store link:
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

While working on porting my next game (The Big Gib) to iOS things can get lonely during those long test & re-build filled hours, so I’ve taken on the task of making a microsite for each of my games. Each site will offer a more elaborate description of the game/project (further information), both game-play & game trailers, as well as a gallery of animated .gifs or screenshots, and options for buying or downloading the game.
This will give me the ability to better advertise the games by giving them a more customized presentation. I’m using Edge to build the sites, because it will be in HTML (no Flash) mobile devices will be able to preview the content.
I recently re-launched Tetrageddon Games in HTML5. This seemed the next logical step to further market the games.

As the title suggests I already finished two of these sites. One for the upcoming AppStore release (The Big Gib), and the other for the most recent AppStore release (They Came From My Inbox).

The Big Gib: SpaceCom Chapter 1

Everything is scalable. I’m using fancybox for video support and image galleries.

I just love how they turned out. They’re all animated, scalable, and funky dinky.

They Came From My Inbox

For the next microsite I’m going to try out another lightbox type library. I’m using this opportunity to test drive various solutions out there.

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