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Building Weird Games With Alternative Technologies Workshop

So… short summary of what this is… I was invited to give a lecture at UCLA, and then also invited to give a workshop at the UCLA Game Lab. The lecture can be found here. This is the transcript of my workshop. The description in the above image says it best… This workshop covers alternative […]

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Tutorial: Making a Frog Generator with Adobe Animate (HTML5 & CreateJS)

You can VIEW the end result here: You can DOWNLOAD the sourcefiles here: This tutorial will walk you through using Animate to make a procedural frog generator. It will cover all the basics of using the HTML5 Canvas output, as well as timeline scripting for the functionality. For those that are interested I […]

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The (New) Tetrageddon Games “Art Direction” Commentary: Everything Looks Better Low-Fi!

I rarely ever do “art posts” where I explain the thought process behind the look of the game, so I thought it’s about time that I do something. A lot of planning goes into it, and I’m certain others will find the general philosophy interesting. This is about the new “desktop” version of Tetrageddon Games […]

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Custom Chrome with Adobe AIR (Customizing a Desktop App’s Window with Flash) – Getting Started Walkthrough

Introduction: I’ve been working with AIR for quite some time, but have procrastinated getting into this part. The feature has been around for a long time too. With this new mini-project (Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs) that I’ve been working on, I decided to look into it again. I was so not sorry. AIR is amazing. NativeWindow […]

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Adobe AIR/Flash GameInput API (Getting Started)

Update (May 29, 2016): emmett butler has an even more thorough post on the topic here, NativeJoystick in Bum Rush I suggest starting with that since his post is a lot more in depth. I had been emailed about this issue (problems with GameInput) and gave some links that I thought helpful at the time […]

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Getting Multiple XBox 360 Controllers Working On A Mac (OS X Yosemite)

I had this running in a previous version of OS X, but then it stopped working (operating system update made the driver non-functional). I spent some time Google-ing around, but it was hard finding something due to all the information out there being for PC. This is apparently completely doable on a PC (as described […]

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The Muchachofier (With Sourcefiles)

Are you a tourist that sounds too normal? Do you have text that you need to muchachofy? I created The Muchachofier to solve all these problems, and more! It fully supports American tourist dialect… and… more! Ok… It’s my new Super Stupid Thing (TM) I threw together last night, because it would make a fine […]

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New Game Release: FROGGY (It’s Hungry!) – With Sourcefiles

* PLAY IT HERE: * DOWNLOAD SOURCEFILES HERE (includes website, music, etc…): I just launched FROGGY last night, and I’m thrilled (and relieved) at how positively it’s been received (on Twitter). It has even been posted on Warp Door! Update: Rock Paper Shotgun so wrote a post about it! I am not hallucinating […]

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HTML5 Game Tutorial: Making A Platformer (PART 1)

DOWNLOAD SOURCE HERE I’ve been developing a totally new game for Tetrageddon. It’s going to be available for mobile (iOS, and Android), as well as the desktop. This is an HTML5 game (for a change), with CreateJS, using FlashCC’s HTML5 Canvas document. Doing so will make things easier for me animation wise, as well as […]

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Tutorial: Building A Game With Flash HTML5 Canvas & CreateJS (Haxatron 2000)

Introduction: Flash Professional CC introduced a document type in which you can create an HTML5 Canvas document. It publishes HTML5 content using the CreateJS libraries (but you could easily use other libraries if you wanted to). Although this feature has been out for a while, there is little to no information (at least I couldn’t […]

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Tutorial: Building A Game In Edge Animate (Offender)

Introduction: I’ve decided to build this first Tetrageddon Games “mini-game” tutorial, Offender, in Adobe Edge Animate because the program is still very new, and there isn’t much out there on it in terms of game development. I think this will make a great “getting started” resource for newcomers, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of […]

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Tetrageddon Games Microsites/Websites Sourcefiles

First of all (moving forward) I will port some of the simpler games (Offender, The Gatekeeper, Haxatron 2000) to HTML5 (HTML5/JS/Edge Animate –maybe Edge Animate), and release a HTML5 version tutorial + source code for them. I’m very excited about doing this! It’s going to be awesome… Stay tuned! More (HTML5/JS/ect… related) source code/tutorials are […]

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Introduction to iAd in Flash AIR for iOS – Kick Start Tutorial & Samples

Sourcefiles for the tutorials are here. SUMMARY It can be very confusing to know where to start when you want to add advertisements in your Flash/AIR based iOS app. Google search results can be ambiguous at best, and there are a number of free solutions out there, but little or no support. The most recommended […]

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New Tetrageddon Games Open Source Release: Tetrageddon (Bloodsport Tetris)

Visit the directory here! I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished porting, testing, and rewriting Tetrageddon FPS Tetris’s (updated) game engine. I’m also renaming it to Bloodsport Tetris, because that’s just so much more fitting… I’ve uploaded all assets to the sourcefile directory — the game is now open source! Enjoy!! All of its […]

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Offender 2 – Programming A Composer

Every time I program the soundtrack for one of my games I get inspired with how I could perfect the engine for music. I know that a long term goal will be to program a composer. It’s my personal creative crusade. :) I want to create something that, with some degree of intelligence, really “makes” […]

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Source Code Snippet: Making A Custom Customize Keyboard Shortcuts Feature – For A Game (ActionScript)…

This is a simple example that I’m throwing up here because it may help some googler looking for a quick solution (just strip out the trace and txt_output). This lets you set an alphanumeric (letters and numbers) character as a desired “keyboard shortcut” which is saved for use throughout your game (or application). I’m currently […]

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Super Simple Script Snippets – Part 2

This is part two of my previous post of fun code trickery. Click here. I’m thrilled with how development is going. It will definitely be a fun mobile game. Like I said, you can find more in the Open Source Directory. Click here. So… I should hit “Publish” now before I get distracted too much […]

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Super Simple Script Snippets – Standalone Leaderboard System, and More

Offender 1 is available for purchase on the app store. Because the submission process was so successful, and it’s a platform just waiting for more Tetrageddon, if taken the time off Offender 2 and am porting Haxed By Megahurtz to iOS. It’s nearly complete, and going well. I’m excited to see it working on mobile. […]

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Making an App: Adobe AIR for iOS – Flash to iOS Walkthrough

Following is a tutorial for walking you through all the things you need to set up, and start developing an Adobe AIR iOS app with Flash (on OS X). It’s a summary of my forays into the world of mobile Flash development. Screenshot of Offender on iOS. This is a resource that will take you […]

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Pandorabots To Flash (Actionscript Tutorial)

As promised this is a tutorial for building a Flash interface for a Pandorabots chatbot. This is a portion of an unreleased game I was building where you are stuck inside of a giant maze. The maze is actually a machine. An artificial intelligence called “I”. You can talk to it throughout your journey, and […]

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