New Tetrageddon Games Open Source Release: Tetrageddon (Bloodsport Tetris)

Visit the directory here!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished porting, testing, and rewriting Tetrageddon FPS Tetris’s (updated) game engine.
I’m also renaming it to Bloodsport Tetris, because that’s just so much more fitting…

I’ve uploaded all assets to the sourcefile directory — the game is now open source! Enjoy!!

All of its sourcefiles, sounds, classes, etc… are in the new directory here:

Do visit the /as directory, because that’s where all the hot sexy action is:

And, in-case you don’t like plain text links or whatever, the website now has that shiny golden “Download Source” button:

Note: I’ll be updating the files as I make changes and fixes…

About Tetrageddon (Bloodsport Tetris):

If your attention span is as short as your reaction time, you’ll come to appreciate the epic awesomeness of mixing pedestrians with raining debris. Tetrageddon is just that. It’s tetris for us FPS gamers.
This game is both uncanny and blockesque with a high gib amount guarantee.
Play the malicious little green blob, Minibyte, who decided to hijack a planet sized crane one sunny day, and unleash armageddon by dropping garbage of epic proportions upon a nearby city (quite possibly Tokyo or New York).
The goal is to squish as many lo-fi inhabitants as possible, all the while blocking off pedestrian traffic. If careful attention is not payed they will dig a tunnel through your craftily devised stack of junk in order to go about their daily business. This must be stopped once and for all…
Humans are evil. You are an alien. Unleash armageddon!

I’m now moving on to getting this running on the touchscreen. It will be available for download in the App Store very soon.
Until then, check out some of my other games!