New In The App Store: The Big Gib – SpaceCom Chapter 1

The Big Gib successfully passed Apple’s review process, and was added to the App Store today!
You can buy it here:
And now I will have to launch an update to fix the dyslexic error in that main image. :)
…Until then, it’s “artsy”.


The Big Gib takes place in the year 20xx after humanity uploaded itself into cyberspace because the Communists have won.
You play as one of SpaceCom’s elite cyberspace commanders tasked to clean the internet up. In this case, an unauthorized tourney took place creating a dangerous influx of gibs. The gibs are now DOS-ing critical sectors of the internet, and it is only a mater of time before everything is overloaded with meat. It is your job to find the source of gibs and destroy it. The internet depends on you.

I recently launched the new website for The Big Gib, featuring an animated .gif gallery of all the game art, and more. Check it out!

The sourcefile directory for The Big Gib has also been updated with the new AS3 port. Get it here:
…I will have to remember to do this for all my games once I’m finished with this porting to mobile business.

I’m currently chewing through re-writing the engine of the last pending mobile port, Tetrageddon (Tetris For Us FPS Gamers)… You know… I’m thinking of actually renaming it to Tetrageddon (Bloodsport Tetris), because it’s a better description of the game. :)
Once I’m finished wrapping that up I’ll be starting on my next larger, crazier, more epic game design adventure. I want to make a more “serious”/epic game-game. Putting experimenting aside for a bit (just a bit), and following more of a concise structure (clear goals, mission, exploration, puzzles, etc…). This would be easier to sell because it’s more of a “product”. I’ve already registered the domain name for it! But I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll stop there…
Still need to launch that final mobile release.

In other news… if you haven’t heard already, Adobe and Icograda have been doing some amazing stuff for students (their Adobe Design Achievement Awards). I was asked if I would participate in the Mentorship Program (for game design), and was thrilled at the prospect of sharing my experience with someone.
Recently they’ve written a blog post about the 2014 Icograda-ADAA Mentorship Program (here), check it out! If you’re a student it may be of interest.

I’m still going to be releasing all the sourcefiles for the mini-sites I made for Tetrageddon Games. Stay tuned!
And YES. All games will be supported on Android (eventually). As soon as I’m finished getting things on the App Store, Google Play will be next.