The Muchachofier (With Sourcefiles)

Are you a tourist that sounds too normal? Do you have text that you need to muchachofy? I created The Muchachofier to solve all these problems, and more!
It fully supports American tourist dialect… and… more!

Ok… It’s my new Super Stupid Thing (TM) I threw together last night, because it would make a fine easter egg, and then I thought it would be fun to have it run in javascript… It was an evolution. This has been a 1:00 AM project.
Try it: HERE
Or download the sourcefiles HERE

I’m working on this new game called Monkey Fortunetell. It’s a divination game with monkeys. It was created during a mini-game jam with the wonderful person I was staying with while in Texas during Fantastic Arcade. They have all been such wonderful people. The indiegame scene is really something special. :)
The idea (for the game) is that you cast monkeys on a board, and the way they land tells you your future (or something about yourself). The main menu will be a music visualizer with a dancing monkey — to make it even more colorful and crazy. The style will be, as usual, pixel-old-school-ish… Because it’s the direction I’m drawn too at the moment. Don’t feel like over-thinking this visually.
I’m currently working on all the dancing monkey animated sequences.

More soon!

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  1. Raged January 9, 2018 at 1:54 am | Permalink

    Dude….just…..ama…..zing…..really awesome stuff, everything, not just this ! Keep it up bro !!!

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