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The Old Frog Pond Tutorial (In 3.0)

Several years ago I co-authored in New Masters Of Flash Volume 3, and wrote a tutorial for it which extensively covered illustrating in Flash then bringing the graphics to life with code… adding the interactive layer. It crossed my mind that I could port it to Actionscript 3.0 for fun! I really loved making it. […]

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Super Simple Script Snippets: Button RollOver & RollOut With ENTER_FRAME Fun

Here’s something basic, and fun, while my next game is underway — it’s a small components from the next release. Dictating the animation of a movieclip with ENTER_FRAMEs – for smooth and consistent rollover, or rollouts. I prefer these (as I know many other developers / designers do) up against standard button events or animations. […]

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Source Code Snippets: Generate Gibs (Particles For Fatalities) & Shake The Stage

As some may know, the upcoming title for Tetrageddon Arcade is titled Offender 2 (World War B: War on Rabbits). It’s a delightfully epic violation of the senses taking place in the speculatively not to distant future where aliens (once again) attack Earth for the sake of abducting rabbits. Much like the original Offender, this […]

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Super Simple Script Snippets: Enemy Projectiles

I’m making a game! The premise of which is that there will be enemy sprites (like tanks) shooting at you (a spaceship). Enemy projectiles will be fired in short controlled bursts… that’s the basic idea. The real thing is a lot more complex… Imagine short controlled bursts exploding in fireworks that you have to dodge […]

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The Wacky Name Generator & Downloadable Source

The Wacky Name Generator (Version Try it bellow: So I’m making a game! The premise is that you play a monster tearing up a fictional city. Any city really. Probably Tokyo, but I’m undecided. The other great premise is that you eat A LOT of civilians, military, and law enforcement officials. To add a […]

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The Source Files Archives – Offender

The newest release to the source files archive is Offender. *Click here to download (available in both AS3, and AS2). I made the game a few years back to serve as a mini-game-easter-egg for Tetrageddon, when you size the browser window too small. Re-size the window when you’re on the site, you’ll trigger a resize […]

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Super Simple Script Snippets

I’ve been working on a game. Some super simple stuff that has come in handy… CLICK HERE FOR THE SOURCE FILES — //splitting a string every given amount of characters and saving the result to an array //DOWNLOAD SOURCE var arr:Array = new Array(); function str_split(str:String, splitTo:Number) { var arr_str:Array = new Array(); for(var i:Number=0; […]

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The Source Files Archives – SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib

SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib by Nathalie Lawhead is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at beyond the scope of this license may be available at *You MAY create derivatives, please share alike. *Please credit the author (Nathalie Lawhead), and provide a link to the author’s […]

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The Source Files Archives – Part 2: Haxed By Megahurtz

Actionscript 2.0 Flash 8 68.2 MB This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. *You MAY create derivatives, please share alike. *Please credit the author (Nathalie Lawhead), and provide a link to the author’s website ( Download Source Files Here! Play It Here! Haxed by Megahurtz is a casual game written […]

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The Source Files Archives – Part 1: Bump To The Beat That Moves Your Meat

I’ll be releasing old project files, source codes, and various back-end miscellany. This is the first. More soon… Download it here! Preview it here! This is a prototype/rough of an old dynamic VJ / DJ I was creating for a game (Haxed By Megahurtz). It’s in AS 2 because I was targeting the Nintendo Wii […]

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Some Writing

“There’s a lot of untapped power in the internet as a medium for creating games, entertainment, and art that’s an entirely different mind blowing genre. When new themes like ARGs, or games-as-art, surface it inspires me to know that we’re only at the beginning of inventing variations of art, and entertainment, that are so radically […]

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Super Simple WordPress To Flash Feed Reader (By Author, Category, Etc) — Source Files

SOURCE FILES HERE! (AS3, and AS2) Short Summary: Wordpress feed readers + Flash are a popular things to do (ever since the Macromedia weblogs). I had a nice and tidy widget version programmed way back for my old site, as well as played with the same model in Flex. Although it no longer displays because […]

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Alien Invasion (Download Source)

DOWNLOAD HERE (In the directory, right click over anything + Save Link As…) Some years ago I was asked to make a contribution to a book (to put it ambiguously). I made an animation called Alien Invasion, that was basically about arcade games springing to life and 8 bit characters taking over malls across the […]

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ARGs and Marketing Strategy (When To Use Them)

“Hi Nathalie, I came across your site a few days ago, and was intrigued by your involvement with ARG Marketing campaigns. Like you, I think ARGs are a great way to bring attention and eyeballs to a product, event etc. I have an app in development right now and am trying to determine the media […]

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Vimeo To Flash (The Crazy Simple Video Microsite)

Click here to download the source files. Other than Youtube an easy, and significantly higher quality video service is Vimeo. It’s pretty much regarded as the professional version of Youtube because of the higher quality videos that you can upload and display without suffering horrendous compression. Vimeo Plus even allows you to embed HD videos… […]

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Programe E ALICE AIML Bot Using Flash (PHP & Actionscript Walkthrough + Source Files)

System requirements: *PHP (4.0.4 and up) *MySQL *Apache Server *Flash (If you found this via a google search… Source files for the Flash are at the end of the post…) Short Summary: Update: For a tutorial, and source code, on integrating Pandorabots with Flash, click here. This is a concise collection of all the information […]

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Actionscript 3 Code Snipplet of The Day: Enhanced “Typeof” Evaluation

typeof is handy but can be a little too flimsy at times. Basically all it really understands are only six possible values; boolean, function, number, object, string, and xml. If you want to run a conditional to check if you’ve got some common ethnic group, such as a movieclip, on your hands then it works […]

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Actionscript 3 XML Pinpoint Map (Simple Example of Parsing/Storing XML Into An Array)

Download source here. Recently I was asked to throw together an interactive Flash pinpoint map of the US. The requirement was to use XML. It’s been a while since I used XML for dynamic content as such. I’ve been caught using PHP for absolutely everything. It’s nice. Going back to XML felt like jumping into […]

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Flash Actionscript 3 Countdown Timer Set To Servertime (PHP) – The Countdown You Can’t Cheat

I’ve been itching to do one for a long time since I keep being asked to do countdown timers… Then there’s always that pesky deadline that keeps me from actually not cutting corners and doin’ it fo’ realz. So dundid I didit! A countdown timer set to server time via PHP! (…You know, it should […]

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Super Stupidly Simple Particle Effect (Actionscript 3.0)

Here’s a quick particle effect I threw together. Thought I’d put it up here… figuring it might help some hapless googler searching for a quick fix, since it’s a super simple class you can easily reuse or (quite possibly) extend… probably. Download source here. Mouse over the above area to preview. The AS ( package […]

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