The Source Files Archives – Part 1: Bump To The Beat That Moves Your Meat

I’ll be releasing old project files, source codes, and various back-end miscellany.
This is the first. More soon…

Download it here!

Preview it here!

This is a prototype/rough of an old dynamic VJ / DJ I was creating for a game (Haxed By Megahurtz). It’s in AS 2 because I was targeting the Nintendo Wii (at the time AS 3 wasn’t supported/recommendable).

It’s a basic version of the final. This takes sounds from an array and plays them /combines them randomly. To go along with that it also splices videos together.

As everyone knows, the newer platform/language capabilities open up all sorts of super-sexy doors which I’ve been exploring a lot. I twaddle with developing random music / dynamic soundtracks often.
This is part of the many endevours to make the infinite soundtrack that’s never quite the same.

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