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Displaying IMAGES And MEDIA Files In A Flash Based Twitter Feed Reader

This is a follow up to my previous post “Loading Twitter Feeds Into Flash (Through PHP)” (Check it out for source code and other resources)… After successfully doing so, the next most obvious question of any Flash developer would be: “Wow, Flash is awesome! So, can I display images and media files in my Flash […]

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Loading Twitter Feeds Into Flash (Through PHP)

-Supports ability to retweet, follow, and shows a profile pic. Download the sourcefiles here. There are many cool things you can do with twitter. See Smashing Magazine’s article “50 Twitter Tools and Tutorials For Designers and Developers” I like it. Rather inspiring. Twitter is cool. You know you can even grab the coordinates of where […]

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Twitter, Tiny URL, Stumble Upon, Facebook Share, Delicious, Google Buzz, IN FLASH (With Source Files)

DOWNLOAD SOURCE FILE Here’s a quick .fla based on quite a bit of digging I dun did, to figure out what buttons you can put into Flash to best enhance your sites social networking capabilities… Oh shit, ouch! Sorry. That last line sounded like I fell out of the marketing department. Of course this example […]

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Facebook LIKE In Flash (From Forums to Blogs…)

It has come to my attention that ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL of the facebook “like” button in Flash is a deed not as easy as it appears on the outset. It seems they made an API for everything except for “like”. On embarking into this task, the assumption of any Flash developer is the normal one. […]

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ARG’s: The New Trend in Online Marketing

A couple ARG’s that I’m responsible for: , : READ MORE HERE : READ MORE HERE ARG’s have become a popular subject mater in online advertising these days. I believe their attractiveness as an advertising model stems from the fact that they’re an easy way of “going viral”, although making a successful […]

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The Useful Thread

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.htaccess fun

This website: Is fucking awesome. I’ve been melting my brain trying to figure out if it’s possible to strip off nonexisting subdomains, and couldn’t get my head around it for the life of me… Turns out the .htaccess file comes in to save the day… again. I came across this: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} […]

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