Twitter, Tiny URL, Stumble Upon, Facebook Share, Delicious, Google Buzz, IN FLASH (With Source Files)


[swfobj src=”” height=”199″ width=”597″]

Here’s a quick .fla based on quite a bit of digging I dun did, to figure out what buttons you can put into Flash to best enhance your sites social networking capabilities… Oh shit, ouch!
Sorry. That last line sounded like I fell out of the marketing department.

Of course this example uses:
var pageURL:String ='window.location.href.toString');
To get the URL (based on where the swf is).
If you’re picky and you know that is a bit iffy then use .php to do that or hardcode your shit in there. Like a boss.

“Twitter Tiny” button has a “convert to tiny url” functionality.
…I like tiny. It makes me :}