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Slow Load Doodle #5

Slow Load Doodle

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Another Rumor

To my good humor, I hear another rumor… There’s a hypocrite trying to change the world, By being the same old problem. At wits end, it’s a laughing matter to yet again witness, Cause, effect, and another choice to regret… Voice no resent, but how many consequences are left? Collect them all to wear like […]

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And A Leaf

(Read in order: Ivy, A Butterfly, A Flower, And A Leaf) Find her In the shade of a tree She let go of home to wander All the greater anxieties. Her face is old, color of gold, She dances silently To the turning of a breeze… Mind her Nomad of earth and sky You can […]

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A Flower

(Read in order: Ivy, A Butterfly, A Flower, And A Leaf) A flower is all the world’s impossibility She is the great subduer of sleep The great one that overcomes And opens simply to see Simply to be free… She twists, she dances, her scent glides on every breeze! She is the exploding result of […]

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Hats Off (The First and Last Line of Inspiration)

This deserves it’s own post: Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror I was looking for inspiration… Something to listen too, and I remembered this. It was, and still is, my all time favorite version of Dracula. Possibly just my favorite horror movie in general. Not so much for the vampires, or the scares, but because of […]

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A Butterfly

(Read in order: Ivy, A Butterfly, A Flower, And A Leaf) A butterfly… She flies, caressing the space between Sunshine, and air, the world unseen. A stronger spirit is hers, as Wings beating, she caries herself free, From the cocoon. A butterfly… Once captive, now beyond free. Liberty, greater than that bestowed on any living […]

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Cultural Property

Zlata Volaric

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The Power of Pop Culture

I’ve been meaning to post this up earlier today. It’s a re-blog of what’s going on at, and very much worthy of one since it brings up a lot of profound points about the positive aspects of western culture. A video interview with my greybeard (father / uncommanding officer). As summarized: “A discussion on […]

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Like The Sea

hello stranger, more beautiful than the last… from the billions of people, no two are the same. build a pedestal for each! throw petals at their feet! hello you, life; from those darkest times into light… if we celebrated each-other we would see that we’re far too admirable to condemn, to habitual hells and war […]

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Wed 12:39 AM

hate crimes hanging from a tree and bickering bigots barking on tv pointless aggression, why is it this we choose to be, my dear humanity? when we nail some madman to a cross for having the bad sense to tell everyone that it doesn’t matter we should just be belief should set us free! love […]

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For Something Greater

For Something Greater (Birthday Poem) “You’re over analyzing.” She firmly said… Keeping company of a long ago friend A debate with Life. Again, I’m arguing a means to end… But why argue, language is poorly articulated intent. That familiar feeling of “I can’t do you anymore.” Counting harm, peace is no charm, when you can’t […]

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Casual Blurb On Buisness Models (And Announcement)

For quite a while I’ve been hobby studying social systems and how these system form the behavior, mentalities, and mindsets of the people living and growing up in them. In short, what type of system forms what type of person, or INSPIRES what type of person. For example tribal, as compared to capitalist philosophies, as […]

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Sci-Fi Science of the Day

I formulate sci-fi theories based on reading everything and anything during the small bursts of break I am now forced to take. …I hate rest. Rest is for children. My goal: I will know how to terraform Mars, but in the meantime… It’s been pointed out that some of these are interesting, so I’m pulling […]

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09/12/11 – Lunch Break Poem

hey you, do you mind? step aside! hey who? for love of another soldier… backtalk dedicated to all strong hearts so much older than the age credited to a face or cracked years between unwrinkled skin backtalk… when patience grows thin hey you, hold a dove to another soldier! peace, respect, you know we all […]

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Slow Load Doodle #4 [Airport Layover]

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Slow Load Doodle #3

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Just One More

(Dedicated to all women stronger than they think they are.) Where should I wear it this time? Stigma on a golden chain Too brown, white, or green I’m not a ‘he’ I’m a ‘she’ So I hate being me Degrees of hate Equality hurts when it comes from a fist Tell me; why should it […]

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Slow Load Doodle #2

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Slow Load Doodle #1


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Taalam Acey – Modern Aestheticism

One painter, who’s unique and highly freestyle work I’ve become a fan/enjoyer of is Ladessa “CandyAcidReign” Sullivan’s. Among her breadth of creative doings, she is the first African American woman doing time lapse oil painting videos as a full production. Quite recently Ladessa was promoting this dudes work and, seeing that she was involved in […]

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