Art From Way Back #2

Returning from a trip some of my old artwork (from way back) was brought back from Europe.
Which is a pleasant blessing since I thought I’d lost it.
I finally took the time to photograph it all.
These range from quick sketches, to more elaborate studies of scenes, still lifes, portraits, etc… using various mediums.
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Still Lifes
Perspective, shading, and composition studies (arranging a scene so the eyes “read” the picture as intended)
With pencil, or charcoal

Eyeball martini

Glass reflection and texture study

Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar?
Reflection, and surface warp study with pencil

Charcoal foot sketch

Coffee machine
Perspective and circular surface perspective sketch

Male and female preforming one minute poses (quick sketches).

Studies of faces, and other subjects…


Bones – inverse color

Wolf – Pastel

Shrunken head in a jar – line drawing

His name is Tim – Infant study

India ink landscape and perspective studies
India ink is one of my favorite mediums to use because you can’t erase or revert.
One mistake is permanent.
It’s a great thing to use if you want to practice perfection.
These are studies, and quick sketches of landscapes, and still lifes.



Still life (quick portrait)