AlienMelon and Vatever on Etsy (Vandalized Apparel)

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I’ve opened a shop on Etsy where you can buy my clothes (doodled caboodle, and other items from Vatever – Vandalized Apparel). It will be growing. At the moment it’s my newest work (hats). I’m calling it Doodled Noodle Caboodle. It’s like Doodled Caboodle, but for your noodle (head).

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Here are some pictures of the hats being sold:

The Moon Landing Was A Hoax Because The Moon Isn’t Real

“It tells the truth about the moon, its landing (humans landing on it, not it actually landing) and how the cosmos are (in fact) a virtual reality created by an army of aliens. This is the most important piece of information you’ll ever hear.”

They Took My Eyes, Now All I See Is Night!

“It tells the tale of Mr. Happy, and the unfortunate theft of his eyes. The story ends with “They”. The new proud owners of his stolen eyes. They make a lovely couple.”

Ahhh! Oh God, Oh Man, Oh God, Oh…

“Have you ever wondered how bombs feel about their situation?”

The Entire Top Of The Head Had To Go

“It depicts the plight of a monster as the brain surgeon removes the entire top of his head in a complicated procedure. The doctor was a bit square due to the general lack of blood. Nevertheless, there where other patients that yielded higher quantities of the aforementioned bodily fluid. This left behind a blubbering mass of fools.”

Our Heavyweight Hero

“It depicts the coming of age story of our heavyweight champion, choosing to be himself and (despite criticism from critics) gaining muscle mass. He had a wonderful BMI afterwards.”

Nothing Here. Move Along

“It’s about nothing, and you should move along.”

About Vatever:

Vatever was started and is run by AlienMelon. We are a team of seamstresses, digital artists, designers, and vandals that take an unconventional approach to fashion by defacing clothing in order to turn it into wearable works of art.
Prior to the mass production madness prevalent today, clothing was meticulously hand-made art that would stay in a family for generations.
We hijack the mass produced madness and spend a meticulous amount of time with each of our threaded-victims to pimp the living shit out of them in order to bring clothing back to something truly unique and individually special.

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