A Poem…

A Poem…

This is a poem inspired by those hopeless moments
Transcending all impossibilities
When the very world collapses all about and underneath
It begs to ask
How deep does the heart go?
And how infinite is the soul?
Stripped apart and laid open
Like nothing is sacred anymore
I guess this is how Earth feels
And we’re all made in her image
When something remains and grows again
When things heal despite how they used to feel
When flowers crawl out from underneath
Rubble, cracks, and wasted leftovers
Somehow it refuses not to be
It insists on the very contrary
A divine spark of creation
Life after desolation

This poem is inspired by those hopeless moments
It begs the question
How strong is the spirit?
How deep does the heart go?
Some dying celebration, or divine revelation
Dwindling, somehow spirit refuses to go out
Like all of life it tends to survive
It tends to insist that it thrive
Rooted in a cosmic sea of possibilities
Somewhere, there are we
Coming to grips with being and let be

This is a poem inspired by those hopeless moments
The days just after grief
The place where things lost what they mean
And afterlife seems the better place to be
It subtly boasts
That there’s more than infinity to us
More than genocide could ever touch
And more than the omnipotent could conjure up
As craftily devised biblical plots wedged somewhere between
Destiny, divine intent, bliss, nirvana, and turning everyone’s cheek

This is a poem inspired by my hopeless moments
In stern consideration of that educated statement
“That’s just how things are, and will always be!”
Brought to you by a roundtable
Of enlightened optimists and pessimists
How deep is the heart, then? A different fable…
“That’s not how it is! I will change this!”
Argued life, refusing to die
Then found another way to grow.
But hopelessness hangs heavy here
Uncertainty is a color dark with fear
Strangely, it’s in those tired times that you can see
Cracks in concrete circumstance to surpass
How infinite is the soul, then? I know it will always reach…
Despite all odds I too am, and I will be.

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