General Announcement (Official Email Address)

Starting at the beginning of this year my email accounts have been going bonkers ranging from email loss to suspicious things sent that well… uh… (I would only send if the government got in my head, removed all inhibitions, and brainwashed me to send them.)
I was hacked. It was bad.
You don’t think about how bad these things can get once they happen.
It’s unbelievably devastating.
Hackers suck!

(And so do government brainwashers.)

Nevertheless, like I said, email loss:
If you’ve emailed me, and I have not responded (or you received something along the government has orchestrated a brainwashing plot lines) then send it again (or settle your grievances with me) HERE (official address).

To keep this from being a useless post, here’s some Tetrageddon poster artwork as of recent!

Download totally high quality poster size wallpapers here.
And play the games here!

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