Tetrageddon: Desktop Games (PC)

Recently Tetrageddon has been open sourcing games (all assets are there, and free to use under a creative commons share-alike license) via a “view source” option.
The aim is to encourage collaborative adaptations, sharing of games, and for the project to become a resource (in the long run).
Most of the games have also been developed for playing on the Nintendo Wii (Wii Browser – such as Haxed By Megahurtz, Offender, and They Came From My Inbox).

Which brings me to more recent developments!
…I am pleased to announce that some games are now available as a standalone desktop PC version via a “download .exe” icon.
You can play them offline, and independent of the browser.
I am planning to do this to all games.

Play now!

…Or download yourself some hi-res wallpapers.