When Things Get Hard… :D

Life throws you those little nudges that encourage you along!
I’m honored to announce that Tetrageddon Games has been accepted into Festival Du Nouveau Cinema under the Interactive section (http://www.nouveaucinema.ca/), and that I will be appearing (representing Tetrageddon Games) in the September issue of Web Designer Magazine (http://www.webdesignermag.co.uk/)!
I’m absolutely thrilled.
Thank you everyone for you support!!!

I have been working heavily on promoting and developing for the project.
The site is of a non-profit nature, and has been releasing games as open source (creative commons). The assets, and source files are downloadable. The aim is to encourage collaborative adaptations and sharing of games (some games have a “view source” option).

About Tetrageddon:

Utilizing the internet as the delivery platform, and the web as a core mechanic, Tetrageddon is a site made up of casual games exploring the games-as-art, internet as game, musical interpretation, and comedic theme of games (games as the delivery platform for traditional entertainment).
The games are “Pop Art Games” that play out like interactive memes (sketch comedy) – inspired by today’s fast paced online lifestyle and digital age.

…Wow. That’s encouraging. I’m going to go and write a happy poem now. :)

P.S. – Minor Public Update:
I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my email account.
If you’ve emailed any of my accounts, starting at the begging of this year and I have not replied (or otherwise), please try again HERE.

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