And A Leaf

(Read in order: Ivy, A Butterfly, A Flower, And A Leaf)

Find her
In the shade of a tree
She let go of home to wander
All the greater anxieties.
Her face is old, color of gold,
She dances silently
To the turning of a breeze…

Mind her
Nomad of earth and sky
You can dream for her
To the melody she breathes.
Quietly, she is free
Needlessly at ease with ambition and cause
She has traveled long
To remind us of the sound of songs!

Hear her
Keeper of another peace
Her power is in movements
As numbers that gather silently.
They move, they reach, they change what’s seen!
Doers, in no need of grand spectacle,
Unkept promises, or speech.
Numbers that be, come as quietly as they leave
No one can question the voices of the truly free.

Be her
She is old, but not worn
Crushed, but not torn-
Between world’s, or double standards.
Hypocrites can’t shatter-
Her being… Here, she is only in passing
Time and again, no great man’s captive, nor means
No man’s property, or sample of virtue!
A great spirit for her, both wise and meek!
A great spirit learns, greater spirits can’t be owned.
The greater are free to remind us of what we don’t see
They remind unfeeling hearts to feel,
And command the unspeakable to finally heal…

See her
In that quiet admiration of a moment…
Twisting to those psalms of a fallen omen,
And missing the qualms of all the world’s solemn.
Her likeness resides in each of us
A mark of untamed desire to be more than thus.
Change everlasting.
So, see her…
In a breeze ever so passing,
Wanders the fallen leaf.

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