A Flower

(Read in order: Ivy, A Butterfly, A Flower, And A Leaf)

A flower is all the world’s impossibility
She is the great subduer of sleep
The great one that overcomes
And opens simply to see
Simply to be free…
She twists, she dances, her scent glides on every breeze!
She is the exploding result of impossible dreams

A flower is the outcome of ambition
A monument to will, unrelenting
She knew not to stay still and realized her own being
Ever so gently she is the one that glides between
Then and now, and never again,
No place in particular…
The complete disregard of when’s and where’s
The face she bears is stubborn and proud
She declares her colors quite loud!

A flower is a secret finally told
Earth holds her like a whisper
When she’s realized, she finally withers
Perhaps forgotten, perhaps granted remembrance
As a dedication to that sublime resemblance
Which burns and illuminates every being’s heart
She is the surmounted mark of divine art
That overcame both light and dark

A flower is like every dream
She reaches for the sky, too stubborn to die
Unforgiving, her aspirations are too high
She struggles from the ground
Surroundings crowd her out
The world tries to drown her, tries to push her down
“Know your place!” So they say
They teach her otherwise, beat her aside,
School her to hide her potential face, and abandon all her grace…
But the only thing she knows,
Is her own promise of a brighter day.

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