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Headware For The Elvenfolk (Fairy Certified)

Elf Hat

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Love Shirts and Scarves for Crazy Purple Cats


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(Game) SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib

After months of scrupulous labor in that cable laden layer that I call office, and shedding exactly 12000 hairs, I am pleased to announce the latest release of Full Frontal Retardation ™ in the form of a game. SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib. The Big Gib takes place in the year 20xx when humanity […]

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I’ve been busy developing an all new release that, as the tittle implies, is ‘COMING SOON’. This is the COMING SOON credit sequence for this COMING SOON game that’s COMING SOON… wow, I love that phrase. It’s pan-ultimate. Sort of like “parley” but for web developers. The song is an adaptation of Lollipop from the […]

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Find “x”:

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Disney Work (Portfolio Stuff)

For reference and portfolio purposes (mainly organizational) I am posting some of the Disney work that I’ve done. I will be updating this list as I find more samples and projects. As many know The Disney Channel website is massive so it’s hard to dig up references older than a week. These have been done […]

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ARG’s: The New Trend in Online Marketing

A couple ARG’s that I’m responsible for: , : READ MORE HERE : READ MORE HERE ARG’s have become a popular subject mater in online advertising these days. I believe their attractiveness as an advertising model stems from the fact that they’re an easy way of “going viral”, although making a successful […]

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Ausgerechnet Deutschland! ( Germany Out Of All Places )

ZEIT: “How long will it take until the Germans have a good sense of humor again?” – Harry Rowohlt: “Only once all the Russian Jews in Berlin have learned to speak German.” [Interview with Harry Rowohlt in ZEIT / No.13, March 23, 2005] The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt on the Main is putting up an […]

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A tad old, but still…

Awesomesauce: National Geographic World Music “This video, for the single “Sovietoblaster,” with its breakdancing cossacks, sexy cosmonauts, mustachioed contract killers and South Park-meets-Nintendo 64 animation captures the RotFront vibe perfectly.”

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Beooty tips!! <3 !!!1

So if you haven’t noticed yet, which I’m sure many of you haven’t because you’re all decent, self respecting individuals… Alexis launched a new line of phenomenally helpful beooty tips to help women, girl, and gurlz fit in and live up to todays standards! Check them out! Also the RotFront video (Sovietoblaster) is still running […]

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New music video: Sovietoblaster by Rotfront!

Just finished this music video for the song Sovietoblaster (by Rotfront). Tons of fun! You know all that nostalgia anyone from the east (Balkans especially… I should) suffers from? Yeah, imagine all that madness packed into one hell of a crazy music video. The idea was to take everything that makes pop-culture what it is, […]

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Oh Shit! The Internet. (visual electrocution you can own)

Ladies, gentlemen, gentlemen pretending to be ladies, and ladies who think they’re gentlemen pretending to be ladies disguised as gentlemen! I just published a comic and think you should buy it. Right now. Really. It’s a collection of cyber-pop-art paying tribute to all the visual memes loved by the web generation, mixed with a story […]

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Alexis (totali lik part 2!) <3 Alexis Synthia Sornberg’s shamelessly satirical approach to depicting popular culture, and the place that women have in it, can be best described as an delightfully outrageous cross-breed between Naïve art and a pizza dream from the master mind of Andy Warhol. Her outrageous use of colors, mixed with iconic imagery of celebrities, and the […]

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It Came From Cyberspace! (For Our Wimin)

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He Rolls a 20!

…Random screenshot from something I’m working on. As you were! “Theory is useless unless you can properly implement it. I hate discussing theoretical languages. I love discussing interesting implementations.”

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L4D Pop Art

Nuf sed.

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Oh Shit, The Internet!

Directed by Michael Bay

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They Came From My Inbox

With seemingly random imagery and audio They Came From My Inbox is a mix of jokes and impressions based on various internet sub-cultures, and popular net-icons. Inspired by Spoetry, spoken word, and the early Hip-Hop movement, it is an exploration of applying the Cut-up technique to the aesthetics and functionality of a game. Since Hip-hop […]

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Wii Lee

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AlienMelon’s new game site committed to brining entertaining video games to the general public. We use a unique system to create our games, like no other. Abducting people from their homes, and splashing them with cat blood. Tetrageddon is a collection of non-comercial “Pop Games”. Our philosophy is to explore the gaming medium in an […]

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