New music video: Sovietoblaster by Rotfront!

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Just finished this music video for the song Sovietoblaster (by Rotfront). Tons of fun! You know all that nostalgia anyone from the east (Balkans especially… I should) suffers from? Yeah, imagine all that madness packed into one hell of a crazy music video.
The idea was to take everything that makes pop-culture what it is, mix it with the same humor-inspired spirit that drives the internet, with imagery from the soviet/socialist era… The music is totally similar. You’re talking about a new movement that’s taking the crazy old classic tunes from the east and transforming them into a new genre (gypsy hip-hop, hard core balkan klezmer, eastender brass, you know… tunes from the east block). Like Gogol Bordello put it: East invasion!
…At any rate enjoy.
…And if you like what you hear grab their album Emigrantski Raggamuffin on iTunes.

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