Ausgerechnet Deutschland! ( Germany Out Of All Places )

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ZEIT: “How long will it take until the Germans have a good sense of humor again?” – Harry Rowohlt: “Only once all the Russian Jews in Berlin have learned to speak German.”
[Interview with Harry Rowohlt in ZEIT / No.13, March 23, 2005]

The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt on the Main is putting up an exhibition about Jewish Russian immigration to the Federal Republic from the 12th of March to the 25th of July called Ausgerechnet Deutschland (trns: Germany of all places). The exhibition is funded by the German government and is to touch upon the subject matter that the Jewish community in Germany is growing rapidly, and the German public knows very little about this growing community. I hear that more Jewish are immigrating to Germany than they are to Israel, although this is a fact that was relayed to me in passing. The exhibition seems geared toward demystifying this community and drawing attention to this development. The exhibition will give three generations of immigrants voice. The “grandparent’s generation”, war victors of the holocaust, the “parents’ generation” the more highly educated urban crowd with a regard to Jewish tradition, and the “children’s generation”, who have gotten along with the new country in terms of culture and have discovered their Jewishness there.
The music video Sovietoblaster (yes, as everyone knows I would never blog about something unless I’m somehow involved) will be on display there as well as other really awesome shit from the Jewish-Russian community.
The exhibition will be opened with a Russendisko– vernissage by every ones favorite musical-mastermind-meets-disco-scientisto Yurij Gurzhy on Wednesday, the 11th of March, after some words of politicians like Thomas de Maiziere about 8 o clock p.m.

The Exhibition
History About The Area
Sovietoblaster Music Video

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