An. Update.

Since my last post I had three haircuts, which is enough to stuff a small pillow with. That was important, make a note of it.

I also had a berfday (which is significantly cooler than a birthday). Although there was no party (I ate all my friends), or cake (people taste better), I bought a monkey. It suffers from a distinct lack of tail, fur, and hands or other sapien features. The woman at the black market said that he would grow out of his “larva” stage and eventually develop into a monkey. I’m watching it carefully.

A neonate monkey


We (or me) at AlienMelon are pleased (or not) to announce the AlienMelon Street Team (team spells meat in reverse). Hey! Members get a discount on a custom Minibyte shirt.
Only non-humanoids with supernatural abilities need apply. Requirements for these individuals are; You can digest biodegradable material (especially bread). You can move objects with your hands (which is significantly cooler than with your mind). You grow your own hair (the hairier the candidate the higher their ranking). And (optionally) you’re name is Bertha, and you eat villages.
I would also like to welcome the first members. No, they don’t eat villages. :(
Here are some of my newest apparel designs:




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