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Everything Is Going To Be OK (milestone update!)

I did it! Page 10 is done, and that means I did 10 minigames! AaAaaaAaaah! I said I would make a big deal about having 10 done, because (for me) this means I just have to repeat what I did 3 more times to get to 40. 40 seems much more doable now. Seeing that […]

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“Everything Is Going To Be OK” progress update #3

This is post #3 documenting the progress… Before I talk more about it. I’ve been posting tiny projects on my itch page. More little things are planned, so you can follow me there for further silliness. I’ve also gotten into making good (probably), but completely unusable things on github. You might get a laugh by […]

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“Everything Is Going To Be OK” & some recent new work

This is post #2 of documenting the progress… As I write this I just finished re-architecting a large chunk of it, and finished another “page” of my new game-zine-not-a-game-thing… that’s a mouthful. I’ll have to work on a better definition… If you don’t know what I’m talking about I suggest you read this. There, I […]

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Announcing my new game in-the-works: “Everything is going to be OK”

This is post #1 of documenting the progress… Ok! I’m here to announce my new in-the-works upcoming game: “Everything is going to be OK” Although this is more or less of a working title. I don’t think this thing will have a title. That line is the first thing you see when the game opens, […]

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Why my games are disappearing from the AppStore

To start you can play all my games (free) here: They are only disappearing from mobile. Not everywhere. They will be FREE and available to download on the AppStore until removal, or until my account expires February next year. Link: It’s been a long time coming, I guess. Yesterday I got another message […]

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A summary of my Fantastic Arcade week

This week I had the amazing opportunity to attend Fantastic Arcade. Two of my games where there this time. It continues to stay my favorite game event. For one, there is more booze there than your liver knows what to do with, and the people are so beautiful. I loved being able to meet the […]

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New Game! F2OGGY (Only One Survives!)

I’ve been working on this game for some months now. It was being worked on discreetly because it is among the latest games being incubated by Austin’s game collective: JUEGOS RANCHEROS. Download it here! The game is F2OGGY (Only One Survives!). A spiritual successor to FROGGY (It’s Hungry), this time you play one of two […]

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update & a Fireside article…

Again… It has been a while since I updated this thing. Which I think is good. I am one of those people to busy for petty things like food, or sleep, or life, or whatever :D To start my update with something more sobering… I just wrote a Fireside article (GameJolt’s blog) about my experiences […]

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Couple of my Game Jam games lately (small update)…

I’ve been kind of busy post-launch to get my head back in order. Whenever I release something “big” I have a disoriented and small depression phase. I wonder why tho, but I’m sure others get it too. This sort of thing can be all consuming and when it’s done you’re sort of left with the […]

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Beyond The Filter (podcast with ellaguro)

Prior to my recent release of ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games), Liz Ryerson had invited me to participate in her new podcast series: Beyond The Filter It’s a series that breaks down topics for people without prior knowledge (on said topic). I kind of simplify that description too much. It’s an exciting project/initiative on her part, […]

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ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games) out now on GameJolt’s new Marketplace!!

HELLO WORLD WIDE WEB,GO PLAY MY GAMEARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games): — Nathalie Lawhead (@alienmelon) May 11, 2016 Ok, that’s a long title. I need to work on those. You can download it here: It’s pay what you want for the first week or so (you can get it free if you like). After […]

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Tetrageddon Games (for the desktop): Development Update

So latest news with “Tetrageddon Games for the desktop” (better title pending) developments have been pretty exciting! Since I’ve finished getting “all the games to work, and run perfectly, in the same ‘container/browser’” part I’ve actually been able to focus on creating new content. New exciting areas that are like being electrocuted with bright colors! […]

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Post GDC Writeup

Seems like I just fell off the airplane and hit the ground running with crunch. Amazing news is that I’m giving myself < blinktag > one < /blinktag > month to finish this “Desktop version of Tetrageddon Games”. I really need a better name for that, it doesn’t do the project justice. :) I have […]

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Screenshake 2016, GDC, & other news

So here is an update! I was recently invited to give a talk at Screenshake. This is an event in Belgium. They held their first ever Belgium Game Awards, and it was such a privilege to be part of this. The people there are pretty amazing, and fun. I had no idea Belgium had so […]

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Tutorial: Making a Frog Generator with Adobe Animate (HTML5 & CreateJS)

You can VIEW the end result here: You can DOWNLOAD the sourcefiles here: This tutorial will walk you through using Animate to make a procedural frog generator. It will cover all the basics of using the HTML5 Canvas output, as well as timeline scripting for the functionality. For those that are interested I […]

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Taking A Break: A Retrospective

I was going to title this post Not Giving A Fuck: A Retrospective, but that’s not quite accurate. As it turns out, it’s hard not to care. This post is also very personal, and I feel like it’s important to finally write. Not too recently I announced on Twitter that I was going on hiatus. […]

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Just going to leave this here…

With the recent renaming of the platform I feel inclined to say something, although I’m quite enjoying my “I don’t give a fuck” vacation. Feels great. I want to stay in “I don’t give a fuck” forever, but that’s not realistic. Thankfully the most excellent Joseph Labrecque wrote a post about it. It says everything. […]

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“But It’s Not REAL!” (alternative title: i want my free premium content, and to complain about it too)

My grandfather had a lot of respect for what I did (art on computers), but he had a hard time understanding the value in it at first. I spend forever making something, but what is made on computers has no “real world value”, because it isn’t tangible. This is a mentality not foreign to a […]

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The (New) Tetrageddon Games “Art Direction” Commentary: Everything Looks Better Low-Fi!

I rarely ever do “art posts” where I explain the thought process behind the look of the game, so I thought it’s about time that I do something. A lot of planning goes into it, and I’m certain others will find the general philosophy interesting. This is about the new “desktop” version of Tetrageddon Games […]

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Artist’s Commentary on Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs (and the trailer)

So this is the part, after working super long and hard on a project, where I’m generally disoriented… but all-together extra positive. Probably more air-headed than usual. People say I’m air-headed, but I think it’s more so after launch… You know, gamedevs need to also document how it’s like after finishing a project so people […]

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