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“Everything is going to be OK” officially released! (final thoughts)

“Everything is going to be OK” is now officially released. The entire project, complete, and ready to be played as originally intended. You can download it on GameJolt: And from First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their support. Each of you that has bought the game has made […]

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“Everything is going to be OK” wins the Interaction Award at IndieCade & some thoughts after showcasing it…

I’m writing this super exhausted after just returning from IndieCade (so apologies for the bad grammar) :) I was showcasing “Everything is going to be OK” as a nominee. The game won the Interaction Award! It really caught me off guard because it was the first award that they announced, and also because I didn’t […]

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“Everything is going to be OK” and more observations about art games

I’ve been meaning to write another post about “Everything is going to be OK” for a while now. A lot has happened since my last update. The game was accepted into IndieCade as a finalist! Which is pretty amazing. I’ve also given an interview about it on It’s a good one, and covers all […]

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The Hurricane Relief Bundle (on

I have something small to announce, and if you are up for it please spread the word (or retweet this). Loren Schmidt just assembled and released the Hurricane Relief Bundle. It is a bundle intended to help areas affected by the recent hurricanes. 100% of proceeds go to relief organizations. It features a TON of […]

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My games & future plans…

This is a follow up to my previous post, as I’ve had some time to think about what this means for my work and what I can do next. After receiving word from the teams at Adobe, and hearing the upcoming things planed for the platform, I’m left with hope and enthusiasm. I’m confident that […]

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“Everything is going to be OK” early access observations & some philosophy (about art games)

So… “Everything is going to be OK” has been released as early access for a while now. This game has been both hugely liberating to make, but also difficult. The emotional fallout has hit me pretty hard today. I usually don’t post about stuff like this, but because this is a personal game, I feel […]

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A better (post E3) update about “Everything is going to be OK”…

So since my last update the game has been released as early access! Game Jolt page: page: I have to admit, I had no idea that it would blow up this way before it’s even done… I released it as early access to pay for hosting costs, and help with development. You […]

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A NEW Electric Love Potato & observations about virtual pets & assistants…

Yesterday I finished the 2.0 (sequel) version of the Electric Love Potato! Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) You can get it on one of these two great places: * Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) on GameJolt. * Or Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) on (at the moment there’s an error with […]

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small rant & creative observations lately…

I’ve been totally avoiding watching Lets Plays of my work. It’s funny, but I used to like seeing people exaggeratedly yell “what the fuck” at my stuff, but after a while it kind of gets to me. I don’t know why. I guess it’s kind of hard seeing something you put so much into being […]

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updates, faux frames, geocities, and stuff…

Everything Is Going To Be OK is getting so nice and big now. I have the “fairy tale generator” in there for one of the pages. The context is adorable. A character dies and then one of the onlookers says “everyone dies”, “even the ones you love”, “yeah, especially those…” then they ask “so what […]

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Everything Is Going To Be OK (Progress Update #6 & Artist’s Statement)

I’m creeping up to 15 mini-games done. There is good variety! I’m so happy. Some interesting developments on direction… Once I reach 20 I’m going to hide the 20 (or so) other mini-games inside these games. So you are presented with these “pages” and then discover that the “pages” have lots of depth to them. […]

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EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK available till Monday. All $$ goes to the ACLU.

I just published EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK (my current game project) to with the intention of donating all money to the ACLU. Get it here! It might not be much but it’s the best I can do. I figure if I don’t have money to donate I can use this… please buy […]

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Everything Is Going To Be OK update #5 & some hot takes

I’m here to give a development update about the progress of my game, but given current political circumstances it is hard not to comment… It’s been tremendously depressing to watch America burn like this. I guess we should keep with the doublespeak trend and call it alt-america now… Ok sorry bad jokes aside. I’m not […]

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Everything Is Going To Be OK (milestone update!)

I did it! Page 10 is done, and that means I did 10 minigames! AaAaaaAaaah! I said I would make a big deal about having 10 done, because (for me) this means I just have to repeat what I did 3 more times to get to 40. 40 seems much more doable now. Seeing that […]

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“Everything Is Going To Be OK” progress update #3

This is post #3 documenting the progress… Before I talk more about it. I’ve been posting tiny projects on my itch page. More little things are planned, so you can follow me there for further silliness. I’ve also gotten into making good (probably), but completely unusable things on github. You might get a laugh by […]

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“Everything Is Going To Be OK” & some recent new work

This is post #2 of documenting the progress… As I write this I just finished re-architecting a large chunk of it, and finished another “page” of my new game-zine-not-a-game-thing… that’s a mouthful. I’ll have to work on a better definition… If you don’t know what I’m talking about I suggest you read this. There, I […]

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Announcing my new game in-the-works: “Everything is going to be OK”

This is post #1 of documenting the progress… Ok! I’m here to announce my new in-the-works upcoming game: “Everything is going to be OK” Although this is more or less of a working title. I don’t think this thing will have a title. That line is the first thing you see when the game opens, […]

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Why my games are disappearing from the AppStore

To start you can play all my games (free) here: They are only disappearing from mobile. Not everywhere. They will be FREE and available to download on the AppStore until removal, or until my account expires February next year. Link: It’s been a long time coming, I guess. Yesterday I got another message […]

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A summary of my Fantastic Arcade week

This week I had the amazing opportunity to attend Fantastic Arcade. Two of my games where there this time. It continues to stay my favorite game event. For one, there is more booze there than your liver knows what to do with, and the people are so beautiful. I loved being able to meet the […]

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New Game! F2OGGY (Only One Survives!)

I’ve been working on this game for some months now. It was being worked on discreetly because it is among the latest games being incubated by Austin’s game collective: JUEGOS RANCHEROS. Download it here! The game is F2OGGY (Only One Survives!). A spiritual successor to FROGGY (It’s Hungry), this time you play one of two […]

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