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My GDC Talk transcript (Personal Experiences as Games) and a small update about what I’m making next

This GDC I co-organized a session called “Personal Experiences as Games” with Jingyu Sui. UPDATE: You can now watch the talk for free on the Vault here. I am posting my talk transcript and one slide here (my talk is bellow the following summary). The session was a set of microtalks about making games based […]

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Documenting the Internet & Webring of Tetrageddon (the desktop version)

Since it feels really important to me to make an effort to explain the internet portion that surrounds the desktop version of Tetrageddon Games, I’m doing that here. I never talked about that properly. You can download the game here: This came about because of this. Since I know how these things play out, […]

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RUNONCE (remember_me): A new existential project about loss and friendship… and some artist commentary about it.

RUNONCE (remember_me) is an existential desktop pet that you can only run once, and then never again. You can download it here: What I think is interesting about this is that it presents you with a warning at the beginning explaining that running it will “break them” and if you do then the damage […]

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Building Weird Games With Alternative Technologies Workshop

So… short summary of what this is… I was invited to give a lecture at UCLA, and then also invited to give a workshop at the UCLA Game Lab. The lecture can be found here. This is the transcript of my workshop. The description in the above image says it best… This workshop covers alternative […]

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Heartfelt Messages: making personal games, design notes, and awareness of the cultural repercussions that this work is in…

I am publishing the written transcript of the lecture I gave at the UCLA Game Lab. The Game Lab is a wonderful place full of very talented people. It was lovely to visit it and share what I knew about things. Here is the video of my talk, in case you don’t want to read… […]

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my #deletegdc entry, its progress, and saving a memory of it here…

Final Update: The project is playable here: For reasons mentioned on the project’s page, and at the bottom of this dev post, I pulled out of DeleteGDC. For the sake of awareness, I encourage you to read it. —- I’m participating in Delete GDC! Yay? What I make will be shown there for one […]

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GDC Talk Transcript: Alternative Paths in Indie Dev

Lats year at GDC I participated in a micro-talk set about alternative paths to indie development and success. A friend of mine has a hard time watching videos because English wasn’t her first language, and has been bugging me to publish the transcript since I gave it. So I’m publishing it here in case others […]

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Comedy in Games (about designing them, some philosophy, and examples)

It’s been on my mind a lot lately to finally write about designing comedy games, or just humorous interactions for an interactive format. Comedy, and satire, was my first love when building things like this. There have always been a few things about it that fascinated me. Primarily for how easy it is to turn […]

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new release: A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY (design & technical notes)

I just published something new! It’s called A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY. You can download get it on A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY is a short love story told between two files. Due to system restrictions this is a forbidden love. As a system administrator, you are the only one that can help them. A_DESKTOP_LOVE_STORY is a very short cute little […]

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Altgames Workshop: a discussion of surrealism and personal stories in games

I was invited to speak, and participate in a panel, at Image+Nation. It’s a LGBTQ film festival that takes place in Montreal. The event was organized by Tech Witches and held at Never Apart. I shared some pictures on my instagram if you want to get a sense of that space. It was wonderful to […]

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ELECTRIC FILE MONITOR (out now! and some commentary about it)

ELECTRIC FILE MONITOR, my virus scanner, was just posted to itch and gamejolt. Here are the links: itch: GJ: ELECTRIC FILE MONITOR is pitched to you as a state of the art virus scanner, and free preventative tool against all types of malware… but there’s a lot more to it. This is software […]

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My Full Indie Summit 2018 slides & talk transcript (Art Games & Speaking Your Truth)

I was invited to speak at the Full Indie Summit in Vancouver. It’s a truly wonderful event organized by wonderful people. My talk was titled “Art Games & Speaking Your Truth”, and I think it went well. People applauded afterward, some stood and applauded. Yay! After attending I left with the impression that the Vancouver […]

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A “10 years of experimental work” retrospective: does being a gamer automatically mean toxic fandom, and can anything be done to break away from that?

I was asked recently if I wanted to give a talk. That prompted me to map out reactions to “Everything is going to be OK“, as compared to an older project of mine. I was curious about how much exactly changed in regards to both negative and positive reactions work like this receives. Does the […]

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Cyberpet Graveyard (out now!)

My little treat-myself-project is done! I’m excited to share this with the world. You can download it from… GameJolt: Itch: Cyberpet Graveyard features a little over 41 programs. That does not include html pages, or all the other things to find and look at and be amused by… Basically it’s a collection of […]

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Virtual pets and digital toys…

I’ve been talking about this a bit on Twitter. I’m making a collection of virtual pets. The project is called “Cyberpet Graveyard”. This is under development and will be released eventually. The premise is that sometime during the early 00’s there was a critical malfunction at the cyberpet factory. The meltdown led to the miss-creation […]

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the “hold in there” mentality, post E3… some thoughts about indie and mainstream culture

It’s been an interesting episode of mainstream games culture this year. It also reminded me how much I value itch… and GameJolt… and Glitch City… and ok, that could be a long list… I had the opportunity to showcase “Everything is going to be OK” at the MIX. I keep realizing how important it is […]

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Missing Pages added to “Everything is going to be OK” (personal writing & fever dream OS)

I just published the final update to “Everything is going to be OK” and, with that, this interactive zine is now completely done. This update features a lot of personal writing, and a strange fever dream OS for you to explore. There’s a lot to get lost in. You can play it on… or […]

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After GDC and “keeping it up” (how people view/treat work made by women and what we can hopefully change)

Before GDC I was feeling incredibly ground down after all the aggression “Everything is going to be OK” was generating at me. I was at a point where I wasn’t too sure if keeping this up even mattered. After seeing everyone come by and voice how much “Everything is going to be OK” meant to […]

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I’ll be at GDC! (Speaking and Showcasing) – small update post

So there are exciting things happening. First of all, I’m going to be at GDC. Yay! Since “Everything is going to be OK” has been nominated for the Nuovo award, I’ll be showcasing most of the time in the IGF pavilion. If you want to check out “Everything is going to be OK”, or just […]

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Development update for “Everything is going to be OK”

So, wow a lot has happened since my last post. The time between the end of last year, and beginning of this one has been pretty crazy. Now that things are somewhat calm I’m taking the time to write an update. Yay! To start with the best news… “Everything is going to be OK” is […]

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