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I started SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib circa 2008, and finished it in 2010 A.D. It is popularly known as “one of those games” that was:

“[…] Started, dropped, remembered, then finished.”

Originally it was authored in Flash 8.
It is also the very last personal thing officially written in AS2.
This fact alone makes it a historical landmark.

As usual, all the art, music, coding, etc, was made by me. No team has been harmed during the creation of this feature.
Music was created to have a touch of the 50’s sci-fi world of tomorrow propaganda mixed with chiptunes.
On an artistic level my goal was to explore the sensations you may experience while browsing sites like 4chan, b3ta, etc, and try to interpret it as “reality”… if you had to make the internet real how would it visually be, how would it sound, and what environment would you be in? The idea was to make a series of “game sketches” (like in comedy, but interactive), strung together to make a whole game.

SpaceCom is part of a series.
Another episode is being schemed.

About SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib:

The Big Gib takes place in the year 20xx when humanity uploads itself into cyberspace because the Communists have won.

You play as one of SpaceCom’s elite cyberspace commanders.
The trollpatrol of the new cyberspace, Space Commanders are called in to clean the internet up (commanders are the substitute to Raptor Jesus, the existence of whom was disapproved, at the turn of the decade, due to the great Flame War).

You are summoned to find the source of, and destroy, a rabid influx of Gibs that are DOS-ing the 90’s sector of cyberspace.
Gibs are the result of unauthorized tourneys.

The playtime is 40+ hours – years, if you take the very very very last reward-level into account.

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