New Tetrageddon Games App Store Release: Haxatron 2000

Yesterday Haxatron 2000 was approved for the App Store.
It’s FREE, and you can download it here.

Visit the new website here.

I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issues with the description I provided for it (a bit ARG/in character), and there wasn’t! So I was able to make the website I wanted to make for it. I finished that today.
I wanted the website, and it’s overall presentation, to be very serious. Like it’s an actual widely used enterprise solution. A touch of something you would expect from an ARG… Who knows. Maybe in the future I’ll build on that, and make one. :)

I also finished the two microsites for Haxed By Megahurtz and Tetrageddon (Tetris For Us FPS Gamers). Like I said, I made/am making mini-sites for all of Tetrageddon Games so that they have their own presentation that I can send to editors (makes it easier), and mobile visitors can enjoy what’s there/get more info on what they’re buying in the App Store… It also gives me a reason to make many crazy websites!
They shaped up nicely. I think it’s some beautiful, diverse work.

Haxed By Megahurtz – (Click here to visit site)

Tetrageddon (Tetris For Us FPS Gamers) – (Click here to visit site)
I like this one. It’s a “falling website”. I know it’s a bit of a performance hog, but I couldn’t help it. Different sections like the About page (or any other page if there where more pages) fall in and out.

I also submitted The Big Gib – SpaceCom Chapter 1 to the App Store. Done porting it! It’s pending review. I have my fingers crossed that it will pan out smoothly.
I’m now moving on to porting the FINAL GAME! —The Tetris one. After that I’m done! I can finally make my game-game. I’ve been working up some ideas, but don’t want to say more until I’m finished with this.

I will also be releasing the sourcefiles for all the mini-sites I made. Soon. Stay tuned!