Making an “E-P-I-C!!!!!!” comeback… (Thanks everyone!)

I started working on Tetrageddon Arcade this year, after a pretty rough last year, and I have to say that I’m incredibly encouraged with how it’s been received.
It’s a true blessing, so thank you everyone for your support!
The site has already gotten an amazing amount of publicity.
I’d like to extend a warm thank-you to everyone who has helped make this possible, and especially the players.
I would not be able to work on this again if it weren’t for you.

Because of this I’m confident in my choice to focus on my own personal creative work, and seeing it generate a revenue. Sometimes you just need a hard time to kick your ass into the right direction. :)

Tetrageddon Arcade is going to be pushing into the mobile market with the next few releases. These upcoming productions are going to be available for download purchase.

Since this is my personal work, and is very much art, I am faced with the challenge of how to “charge” for something that I want people to play, and enjoy. Naturally, I don’t want money to get in the way of (or cut off anyone) from enjoying what I’ve created… on the other hand I don’t want the lack thereof to make it impossible for me to keep creating.
It’s always a challenge.

I’m confident that the mobile market is where this can be done, and non-mobile users can continue to enjoy the content (and future content) in its non-commercial donation based free-for-your-enjoyment form.

I look to the future with anticipation.
Thanks everyone for playing!

As an added bonus

You can download desktop backgrounds, posters, and other goodies at
The Press Directory, here.

Tetrageddon Arcade’s long term goal is to become a resource for other casual game developers, and artists. Most games are now open source.
To download source code, files, and artwork visit The Source Files Directory here.

About Tetrageddon Arcade

Tetrageddon Arcade is an online project made up of casual games exploring the games-as-art, internet as game, musical interpretation, and comedic theme of games. The project is of a non-profit nature, and is dedicated to making games for the sake of games.

The project explores interactivity, and how interactivity has revolutionized entertainment, as well as delivery platforms for entertainment. It is the brainchild of today’s pioneering artists collaboratively evolving the digital age.
Games are our expression, and the web is our outlet.

Open source is largely to thank for the leaps and bounds internet technology has come in regards to technological innovation, and achievements.
We believe that art is the same. Open collaboration is the key to evolution.
The site has been releasing games as open source. The aim is to encourage collaborative adaptation, and sharing of games. Assets, and source files, are downloadable via a “view source” option. The long-term goal is to become a creative resource for indie game developers.

All games are freeware, and downloadable as standalone PC desktop versions.

*If you would like permission to use any games for commercial purposes, please email.

(Tetrageddon is a solo-developer project maintained, created, and run, by one very passionate person.)

…Since this post doesn’t have any pictures in it, here’s a drawing:

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