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The new bundle of Doodled Noodle Caboodle a.k.a. Doodled Caboodle for your noodle is out, and available for purchase on Etsy.
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Then again, if you don’t feel like hats, drop by the arcade to play some E-P-I-C games instead.

I <3 Monsters

All about lovable monsters.
Although monsteratologists widely dispute the claim, it is popularly believed that these monsters are of chicken descent.

Lots Of Monsters

A hat with lots of monsters.
Although monsteratologists widely dispute the claim, it is popularly believed that the creatures on this hat are genuine monsters.
Popular notion is primarily credited to their fangs. A trait common to monsters.

The Brodora Hat

A bunch of bros on a brodora.
One size fits most bros.
For all bro broccasions.


Ahh, aahh! Ahh ahh ahh.
Ahh ahh ahh ahh aaah ahhhh…

Cyclops Rabbits With “Lazer” Eyes

A telling portrayal of the great cyclopean lagomorphic “lazer” wars that exterminated the octaawesome.
The word “Zap!” appropriately makes a frequent appearance across this eery delineation.
(Lagomorphs won.)

Meaoooo! Catastrophic Ghosts

When cats run out of lives they don’t “really” die…
This is turning into quite the catastrophe!

Polka Dotted Monstrosities

They ate all the polka dots and turned into…

Rabbits Attacked Gaseous Carrots

Naturally, rabbits attack carrots…
But these carrots cause a variety of gasses…

About Vatever:

Vatever was started and is run by AlienMelon. We are a team of seamstresses, digital artists, designers, and vandals that take an unconventional approach to fashion by defacing clothing in order to turn it into wearable works of art.
Prior to the mass production madness prevalent today, clothing was meticulously hand-made art that would stay in a family for generations.
We hijack the mass produced madness and spend a meticulous amount of time with each of our threaded-victims to pimp the living shit out of them in order to bring clothing back to something truly unique and individually special.

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