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The newest release to the source files archive is Offender.
*Click here to download (available in both AS3, and AS2).

I made the game a few years back to serve as a mini-game-easter-egg for Tetrageddon, when you size the browser window too small. Re-size the window when you’re on the site, you’ll trigger a resize bomb, and if you size it too small you get… well… Offended.

About the game:

Remember Defender; that popular arcade shooter of the 1980’s? Well, how do you think we Aliens felt about it? Sponsored by the Intergalactic Foundation for Non-Anthropomorphic Rights, Offender is a game made from the alien’s point of view.
Note: As a result of the Great Invasion of 2080, resulting in Earths distinct shortage of humanoids, and strict censorship laws, all bipedal lifeforms of hominal descent have been substituted with their evolutionary equivalent.

In order to popularize the Non-Anthropomorphic Rights agenda Offender is now open source under the following Creative Commons License:

Creative Commons License
Offender by Nathalie Lawhead is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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