The Hurricane Relief Bundle (on

I have something small to announce, and if you are up for it please spread the word (or retweet this).

Loren Schmidt just assembled and released the Hurricane Relief Bundle. It is a bundle intended to help areas affected by the recent hurricanes. 100% of proceeds go to relief organizations.

It features a TON of amazing games, many of which you probably know of, and if not this is a great opportunity to try them!
“Everything is going to be OK” and ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games) are included
…not to mention Little Bug, luminous corridor 0, Magic Wand, F J O R D S, Borb the Birb, Secret Spaces (a must try!), orchids to dusk (also a must!), mirror lake… Ok, I’ll stop because I’ll end up mentioning them all.

It’s a good collection and the money goes to something very important.
Get it here!

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