My games & future plans…

This is a follow up to my previous post, as I’ve had some time to think about what this means for my work and what I can do next.

After receiving word from the teams at Adobe, and hearing the upcoming things planed for the platform, I’m left with hope and enthusiasm. I’m confident that things are going in a great direction and I will be doing what I’m doing for a long time to come still.

Like I mentioned, I had been receiving a lot of crap (directed hate). If it’s not from gamers, then it’s basic sexism/prejudice from other peers (it has kind of piled up to the point of burnout, so I’m sorry about the negativity lately). I realize there is no way of reducing this, and it’s just something I will have to live with.

One thing that did occur to me is that I have to get away from the “game” label. It’s just bad.
I am first and foremost an artist. I use the game platform to convey my messages, but applying the label “game” to what I do attracts a lot of abuse.
A year or more ago I did a talk where I discussed the baggage that “game” brings into interactive art experiences. I also thought that “game” was ready to be more inclusive to stranger, alternative experiences. You can see the talk here:

After having released “Everything is going to be OK” as early access, and seeing the “dark side” of the reactions I realize that games are not really that inclusive (as a definition), and that this is not a fight I can win.
To continue to create these more human, alternative, strange, and “different” experiences that discuss difficult topics I think saying “game” and then attracting people that expect that draws in way too much abuse. I am also certain that this is because of the fact that a woman made this, but I think if I moved away from “game” it would be healthier for me.

Going forward I am going to insist that I make interactive art, interactive humor, interactive animations, and SOMETIMES games, but I will go back to fighting the “game” label.
I am hopeful that this will mitigate a lot of the hate.

I will also continue to do what I do. After assessing the situation (tech wise), and receiving more information, I don’t see much changing, or negatively impacting me. I think it will only get better.

In other news about “Everything is going to be OK”…
Gamasutra totally featured the interview, and that was amazing! I have had this on my secret bucket list, and omg I’m living the high life! :D
I’ve also received some wonderful comments about it. Outside of angry gamers (sorry I fixated on that too much), people are genuinely touched by this interactive art. I feel like I’m doing something impactful, and it is important.

As of now I have three more pages left. I’m well into two of them. In this batch you will be able to make art and print it. The context of this is very interesting, and it kind of touches on social media and “crying for help”. I know that’s the theme of some other pages, but this one is coming from a different angle that I feel like captures the essence of what a lot of people (myself included) go through.