update & a Fireside article…

Again… It has been a while since I updated this thing. Which I think is good. I am one of those people to busy for petty things like food, or sleep, or life, or whatever :D

To start my update with something more sobering… I just wrote a Fireside article (GameJolt’s blog) about my experiences in tech.
The article: “So, how is it like being a woman in tech?”
I describe some experiences and basically the road up to now. Writing this has been difficult but cathartic. A good challenge to shed positive light and conclusions on a very difficult thing. Feels like a personal victory :D

And now for the pleasant news!

Some good things have been happening, and great new games are coming up. Although I cannot share what I have been working on, I have been working on something.

It is going to be a premier game for Fantastic Arcade (one of the arcade cabinets). Here’s the announcement about that “JUEGOS RANCHEROS DEBUTING NEW GAMES BY DOWNWELL DEVS AND MORE AT FANTASTIC ARCADE”

and here it is in the Austin Chronicle “Fantastic Arcade Announces 2016 Lineup Interactive arm of Fantastic Fest probes video games’ outer limits”

I make special note of that article because:

“Award-winning anarchist prankster Lawhead returns to the fest to premiere a new title.”

Wow. What a one liner! That sounds pretty awesome. I’m an anarchist prankster. YES!
…Although… I’ll have to update myself on what anarchists do these days. What do anarchists do these days? Hmm… I have a public image to now uphold.

I am so thrilled and honored to be part of this. It totally got me inspired to delve into the multiplayer game design direction. Now I feel like I’ve been making the wrong kind of games all along. Multiplayer is definitely really awesome… With that I mean, 2 player or more, games…

I shared these on Twitter already, so I think it’s safe to share them here.
Here are some screenshots that show nothing too specific, while being vague yet enticing:

I did lots of work with distorting, and glitching, image formats. I think this makes for an interesting visual style. Kind of broken and tense.

Lots of detail too. I mean this one is just a back-drop. People will probably not see all of this because it’s a background with stuff over it. I love that I was able to squeeze so much into this (art wise).

Another good example of visual distortion, and glitching.

Funny thing is, I’ve been making so many volcanoes that I’m dreaming about volcanoes. I had a dream where I lived in a volcano, and lava was consuming all of society around me, which was really annoying to the citizens because they where trying really hard to live and work and just function around the lava. Lava is hot. I don’t think you can fully grasp this until you’ve dreamed about this hot-ness.
Suffice to say, I want to live in a volcano now.

Hey! Also Geek Remix did a 2 Girls 1 Quick Look of Tetrageddon! They are so cool.