Tetrageddon Games FWA Site Of The Day (26th May 2012)!

we are the artists of today translating the digital age

Tetrageddon Games has been selected to receive the FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 26th May 2012!

On the given date the direct link will be here.

I’d also like to gratuitously thank everyone for voting, since the site was added to the public shortlist with 70% Yes-Votes.

About Tetrageddon Games:

Tetrageddon is a collection of non-commercial “Pop Games” translating the digital age’s cultural taboos, icons, and web humor into abstract impressions that violate one’s senses with their random nonsense, and electrifying circumstances.
Each piece is a diverse experience exploring the cyber art movement as a “game genre”.

I am the artist of today exploring the gaming medium in an artistic sense, approaching it as a tool in the same manner that a canvas and brush are tools.
Take the Pop Art movement of the 1950’s, and ask yourself how it would have looked if the web and interactivity were available? How would Warhol have approached creating his Marilyn Monroe painting?
I find myself not only asking how things would look, but how they would react and function.
Because of the interactive layer that is brought into play; the message, as well as the sensations of the piece, becomes far more personal – the player “made that choice” up against being a passive observer.
The audience now experiences the consequence of the art work.

Interactivity is a new and virtually unexplored medium, and in the light of the cyber art revolution where everything is virtual and nothing is real, I find myself redefining what it means to be creative.
Games are my expression, and the web is my outlet.

The site functions as a main-menu and is, in itself, a game with a variety of playful hidden easter eggs scattered about… Use your arrow keys (such as up/down) to find these. Collect coins for the secret directory, confront Tutle (who’s evilness is only surpassed by his cane and hairless cat), and if you size the browser “too small” you are presented with a mini-game.
Aside from this colorful point-of-entry, each game is an electric experience.

About The Creator / Developer:

Coming from a classic art background, I started to explore new mediums of creative expression. Naturally I fell in love with games.
I was drawn to them because they touch on absolutely every aspect of creativity.
They are the multidimensional platform where all arts merge to make something truly powerful.

I make these in my own spare time, dedicating countless hours (as well as a social life) to them. I eventually became engrossed with the creative independence the gaming platform gives me. Having grown up on the internet, I draw heavily from the high speed electronic culture, merging iconic taboos with memes to make an experience akin to a surrealist paining you “must survive” up against idly “looking at“.

Tetrageddon is a solo-game-developer studio run by me and my mental insanity.