Tetrageddon Games – Future Plans, ARG, FROGGY & Unity

Putting the ARG on the side burner for a bit (just a bit!), I’ve been working on a new game called FROGGY. It will be out soon-ish.
I need another game release, and this will be a fun little something for mobile and desktop… at least I hope it will be fun. :) It’s definitely going to fall in line with the ridiculous nature of all the other games in Tetrageddon.

The game follows this premise:

“Froggy is hungry for lunch, unfortunately the tastiest bugs are found in the middle of rush hour traffic. Plot your moves carefully in this survival omnivore because it’s dog eat dog out there! One mistake means just another casualty on Armageddon Highway.

Froggy is an experienced foodista, and has developed a 6th sense for eating in a high pressure environment. This quick witted tailless amphibian can slow time to plan its next move!
Traffic stays frozen unless Froggy moves. This gives you plenty of time to observe inevitable doom or thwart death and collect the best bugs. Fortunately for you, Froggy has 5 lives to spare.
But be warned! Use your hawkeye foodie powers responsibly, because explosions are contagious, and frogs are not heat resistant.

This game is not for cat people.”

Going forward on my Tetrageddon Games project, I’m going to get into Unity! I absolutely adore Flash, and have a love/hate relationship with HTML5, but Unity is a way more rounded game development tool.
I shared an FPS game idea on Facebook, and someone said that it would be easy to do in Unity, and my inside-voice reaction (as narrated by Morgan Freeman) was the following: “Easy!? Are you kidding me!? Awesome!” …If I do this in Flash or HTML5, from the looks of it, and from what I’ve been gearing up to do, I would have to create many aspects of the engine myself. I don’t mind, but these things are getting time consuming, and I’m a bit exhausted about having to create an engine (if that’s what you call it, sorry brain-fried — make physics, collision detection, etc…) for each game.
Because I’m only one person working on all aspects of the game (after code, graphics, after graphics animation, after all that sound/music, after that play-testing…), I need to get responsible about my strategy. Time is a valuable resource I can’t afford to waste!
I know there are out-of-the box solutions out there for both Flash & HTML5 (believe me, I’ve got a long list), but Unity sounds the most promising, and everyone has only nice things to say about it. :)
So! I’m going to finish my ARG & other obligations, and sail in that direction! –If the winds of the game development world don’t change unexpectedly… Which I doubt…

So… Some screenshots of FROGGY!

The goal of the game is to dodge traffic, and eat the bugs.

When FROGGY dies, these are the burns/blood marks left behind.

Frame-by-frame of one of the explosions when traffic collides. Exaggerated and silly. :)

Some images of the intro.

The game has this old monitor/degauss-your-monitor filter applied to it. It shakes, and stuff. It’s a cute effect to make it more old-school. I wanted to also make the music procedural — 100% synthesized audio this time. I had a prototype, but seeing how the visuals got a bit more elaborate, not what I initially intended at the time, I’m going to do the music & sound myself the classic way… with FL Studio.

Main menu art & teaser image.

The game instructions!

Some more intro art…

The animation style is very “animated gif”. This gives you an idea… This is the transition animation for going to the next level. Each new level has a little animated illustration with your goal & current level.

Like this…

The main menu with the filter applied…

The filter at its worst…

The top ten…

I have to go now… I just got spam about Hot Colombians. I love Hot Colombians…

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