Tetrageddon Games – After Indiecade @ E3

Indiecade at E3 is now over, and I’m left a little speechless.
Being part of the showcase has been a life changing event for me creatively speaking.
Here was a place where other game developers where supportive, and played each-others games. The staff was incredibly dedicated. There was so much respect going around, I felt like I had found the respect hub.
I enjoyed seeing the reactions when I told people it was all my work. No team was harmed during the creation of this product! As a woman in a predominantly male industry, I feel like I’ve accomplished the impossible at this point.

The biggest take away from all this is that indie games are the future. I don’t think games would be as influential if it where not for this scene.

I could keep going about how amazing, and “life changing” its been, but work is calling!
By now I’ve received a stack of feedback, and there’s much to be done.
At one point I was handed a card and I almost fell over seeing the “name of the magazine I grew up reading” on it. I’m not sure how to proceed now, perhaps follow ups are in order… Or maybe I should just frame it, and keep it on my wall… My head is spinning.
One gentleman took playing Offender 2 very critically, and  gave me some valuable feedback on the placement of the metrics (they should be at the bottom of the screen)… I will be updating all the games.

Two people played Offender 2 all the way through. I hope they liked it. I assume they did if they beat it. It’s quite a compliment considering that it’s a fairly long game.

First I will tune/fix all the games, and then I’m creating my long-time-coming 3D arcade to put the games in. It will add greater context to the games, as well as being a kick ass environment on the web.
The games you play, and how you play them, will have an effect on the environment. This will make it easier to interact/view the project as a whole (not individual separate pieces).
I’ve got the server/hardware now so that I can create the social aspects of it. I still need to develop the back end so that players can update/add what they did with the game’s sourcefiles… In a safe, and non-spammable way.
I also want players to be able to draw on the walls. Like real time graffiti. I know very well how to do stuff like this in a 2 dimensional environment, but 3D is a completely new beast to me… so learning something new!

As a final note, Tetrageddon Games has been receiving some amazing press.

E3 – Tetrageddon Hands-On Preview, on Twinfinite

Tetrageddon is certainly one of the most interesting and unique titles I have seen at E3, and I wish the developer the best of luck in the festival and look forward to where they take their ideas.

Tucked into a corner at E3 was a messy, brilliant satire of online culture by Kyle from Killscreen.

Her insistence here is passionate: despite the absurdity of her project she sees it more as a platform than something to ever be “done.” Theoretically the Tetrageddon arcade could encompass the complete range of digital/human interaction: A game for what it’s like browsing news sites, updating a profile, watching a YouTube video, and so on. The internet, as we know, is bottomless.

Nintendo cree que 2014 es un punto de inflexión para Wii U

Indicade Showcases Some Truly Brilliant And Truly Strange Indie Talent at E3, via 8cn.

This game deserves a special mention because of the obvious amounts of crack it inhaled before even deciding to become a game. – 8cn

Indiecade at E3 2014 on New Game Plus

Tetrageddon is a collection of nine minigames, but it’s really more a cohesive peek into a perfect display of absurdism. More accurately, it’s a brilliant estimation of what would it be like if you soaked up the Internet into a sponge, squeezed it out over cheesecloth, and took what fell through and put it into a game.

E3 2014 | IndieCade Booth Gives A Taste Of What’s To Come This Autumn

The weirdest game I came across was one called Tetrageddon Games, a series of mini-games that were beyond the strangest of the bunch.

This is me! Picture credit to We Are Müesli

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